Friday, October 3

Back in the land of the living

I am finally feeling better. Still not 100% but better then what I have been.

Not much been happening other then lots of sleeping. Have seen Ali Edwards "week in a life" and have decided that I am going to join in. I am starting today as I have been sick and haven't taken any photos this last week. I haven't even felt like doing any scrap journalling so I must have been sick.

Am back into the swing of things now so with camera ready I am going to record a week in my life. Boy it will be a busy week as I already know that I have lots to do this week (last week of my holidays and haven't done anything due to been sick).

Couple of photos to share of my week so far.

Woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and then had light rain on roof while having coffee with "J". Hopefully it will stick around but "J" thinks it will clear and then it will become very sticky. Hopefully he is not right.

At the moment I am sitting here enjoying the smell of the moisture in the air looking at my scrap corner thinking I really need to do a detox and clean it up. Will get to that today - along with the rest of my to do list......

This photo was taken in Cobar last week. It is to do with the town library. Don't know what but to do with the town library. I love the colours in both of them and how the brick wall compliments them.

Any way had better start my to do list.

Keep watch for update in my Week in the lifeproject.

Happy Friday

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