Sunday, September 27

Photos photos and More photos

Hi Everyone
Well as the title suggests this blog entry is all photos.
Only a brief explantion and the rest photos.
Firstly Wedding photos:-

The Location
Cutting the cake

HAppily married couple :-)

Briadl Party at the cattle yards

Lots of colour - Sturt Desert Pea, Purple Dasiy, Paper Daisy and Darling Pea.

A messy Verandah - SPRING CLEANING

Spider Web in setting Sunlight

Sitting around discussing Scrap booking - Trilby scrap retreat photo

Only found cover - wonder what was written in book????

Love these guys - Echinda found on way home from work

Wild Bush Turkeys - Have never seen a brown one.

Can you see Me? - Found this guy while burning off burs. Lucky we spotted him.

Well that's it for this lot of photos. Will hopefully have more next week when I down load my camera chip.
Bye for Now
Don't get blown away with all the dust.....

Thursday, September 17

Back In The Land Of The Living

Hello to everyone,
It has been 105 days since I last wrote. Where has the time gone.....
It is only 105 days till the start of the New Year.....Where has the year gone.....

Where do I begin with what has happened in those last 105 days......mmmmm

First thing to talk about would be I am now married to Jason and so far in our nearly two weeks of marriage things haven't changed apart from us having less space in the house due to all our lovely gifts - Thanks Everyone..... We love them all.

Secondly our trip to Europe was amazing. I saw so much and experienced so many new things that I will remember them for a long time. It was an experience that I am glad to have experienced but I ws glad to come home. I am not much of a big city girl, to many people for me.

Thirdly due to new rules in the education department I am no longer able to access my blog during the week so will only bebale to blog on the week ends or when I have access to H's computer.

I will only be able to post photos on the weekends hence the fact that this blog entry doesn't have photos.

What else has been happening in the last 105 days....

On my way to and from work I pass a big patch of Sturt Desert Pea. They are a rear sight out here and I have taken lots and lots of photos of them. I have also been creative with my wruiting skills and wrote a acrostic poem about them which I will include in my next blog entry along with some photos.

Last weekend was the annual Louth/Trilby Scrap Booking Retreat. Thanks To Gabie for organising a wonderful weekend and to all the ladies who attended. It was lots of fun. Only 359 days till the next one.......

Shelley, my dog is due to have pups again soon. This time we did want her to have pups (not like last time). The father of the pups is Jason's black dog called Dog. We have a bet on what colour they will be. Any one want to join in.... Shelley is nearly pure white and Dog is apart from his toes pure black. I think they will be like Dalamations.

I have gone the whole of winter without having a cold and what hppens....... I now have one. Blocked nose, sore throat, head aches, ear aches, cough..... I have the lot..... I am slowly getting over it but the forever changing temperture isn't helping - cool mornings, warm to very warm days, cool to cold evenings.

Well I think that is about it. I will hopefully post on the weekend with some very random photos from the past 105 days. Along with a few craft/journal/knitting/wall art/inchies/creative everyday entries.

Till next time which will hopefully be before 105 days......