Thursday, September 25

RELAXING WEEKEND looking at artwork

HI everyone, Didn't write last night due to this horrible flu thing that I have. It just takes all of my energy out of me.
I half finished my cleaning of my scrap corner. You can now see the floor - but can't see the spare bed or the desk. At the moment I am sitting on the floor typing this.

Had an amazing time away in Mudge with the family over the weekend. Saw lots of eye opening artwork. It is Mudge's main tourist time at the moment and all the shop windows show case so of the local artists work. Three lots of work that grab my attention were -

VERONICA BURNS - She is a glass artist. (google her name to see some of her work) She makes plates out of glass by heating them to 790 c then pouring it into moulds. She mixes colours and different textures into her work.

I can't remember who did what but I also liked - HELEN DOBLE and JAN IRVINE NEALIE - one of them makes wall hangings out of felt and the other paints picturesonto material them sews stiches through it, to make the picture stand out.

There were lots of other artists who I enjoyed looking at but these three stood out.

Not much else to write about at the moment. I am going to pamper myself and maybe it will make me feel better.

Till next time


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