Sunday, October 19

Love Technology

Morning Everyone - it's Sunday already....My weekend is nearly over......
I tried to post some photos on Friday and Saturday of me up on a tank stand - but my silly computer wouldn't allow me to. I am trying this morning but I have only managed to get my motor bike potos up and it won't let me put any more on... So I will have to wait till Monday to put upthe rest of my photos.
These ones are in a goat paddock where "J" works - he is trying to get the "smart" goats out so that he can start putting other goats in. We had 20 as we went down the fence line and when we got to the yards we had 4. They are very cunning goats.

My bike tracks look like I have been drinking - but I had to stay back from the goats while "J" went into the scrub to bring out more and I had to keep moving as the goats were moving but had to be slow enough so as not to ride in front of the ones "j" was bringing out. Hence the very twisty tracks.

Have tried again to up load photos and no such luck - internet connection playing up so will upload more photos from weekend on Monday.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday
I am off to spend it with some friends that I haven't seen for a while.

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