Sunday, October 12

Week in my life pages finsihed

Well I have finally finished my pages from the "week in my life" project that I saw on Ali Edwards web page.
It is nothing like the samples that she has been showing. Everyone else seems to have made everything the same and repeated the process where I used what ever I had on hand and items to represent the mood that I was feeling when completeing the pages. I have used - see through sheets, envelopes, lined paper both riped from other books and fresh out of the packet, cardboard, scraps of paper, sudoka puzzles I completed during the week, Doanld Duck comics which were in my sudoka book and anything else I could find or picked up during the week. This is how I normally work so what better way to represent me at this timein my life.
I have included these pages in with my normal scrap journal that I do on a daily basis (which I take with me every where). But for this week's project I added a lot more detail.
Not all pages have been shown as many are similar or you have already seen the writing and pictures from previous posts. I have also included hidden envelopes daily which include my personal thoughts from each day.

I had lots of fun doing this project.
Coming up next week - my weekly challenges which will be posted on Wednesday's
Also the following week I start my painting course which I have enrolled in through the TAFE via the school network. Will be posting my art works from that as well.
And in November I will be taking part in the Creative Every Day Month. Again I will post my works of art.
Had better be going - lots of jobs to doon the last day of my holidays.
Enjoy the rest of Sunday

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Susi from Germany ( said...

Hi there!

Cool way of putting your album together. Just one question: Why are the weekdays in German?