Tuesday, October 14

Tuesday Madness

Well things have settled down since yesterday and I have time to play on the computer. Day one of the school term is always fun. If the rest of the week continues like yesterday I will be smiling all week. The girls got in and di their school works with no complaining and the only drama we had was the computer kept freezing on us when we anted to do things.

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday and one from today.

Only good thing about early mornings is I get to see beautiful sunrises. This is what I was greated with on my way to work on Monday.

These roses are along the front of the house where I work. I love rose buds more then the actual rose. Strange I know.This guy nearly got my toe yesterday. He was getting a drink out of the pot plant dish which was right next to my boots. I don't mind these guys but when they latch on they latch on.

The youngest girl called out from the school room door this morning - "Quick Emma I have something to show you." MMMMM...... Could be interesting - she is always picking up things to show me. Walked outside and she opened her hands to show me this butterfly. It flew out of her hands and landed in the school room verandah. After asking me with battering eyelids I agree that it could stay - on the verandah as the school pet for the day.

In answer to your question Susi - I have an uncle in law who is German and my partner and I are off to Germany next year so I am learning to write and speak German. Other parts in my journal entires are written in German. It is something that is happening in my life at the moment so I have included it. I have also written everything in English as well as there is a fair chance that in a couple of years time I will not remember what I have written.
Had better be going - Girls now need help with school work - Love that they are independant.
Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

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