Thursday, October 7

two photos

a beautiful sunrise
sturt desert pea is out in flower

No photo entry

Hello Everyone,
Just a few count down days for you all:-
24 days till Creative ever day of November starts (I am definitely doing this again) see here for details.
35 days till November 11th – Remembrance Day
79 days till Christmas
86 days and we will be in 2011
108 days till I celebrate my 27th birthday
And Lastly 451 days and we will be in year 2012.

Now onto my 26 things I want to do in 2010 – seeing as I only have 85 days to complete them all……..(see side bar for my list)
Item 26 – am definitely having lots of fun this year.
Item 25 – Haven’t taught him to dance properly but have had a few part dances listening to the radio
Item 23 – Have slightly changed this one – am not completing her 100 ideas but am working through a couple of her books which are the same concept
Item 22 – have completed this one a few time now and still have three rallies to go (that I know of)
Item 21 - …………………. Maybe next year
Item 20 – didn’t get to attend Trilby due to cancelation – but was able to catch up with a few of the girls for the day.
Item 19 – I am up to book 23 or 24
Item 17 – I still have six items to complete
Item 16 – Have created six mini albums and have two more I would like to try (maybe today due to it being cold and wet)
Item 15 – Slowly completing the Album am up to page 8.
Item 14 – have all written journaling ready in the rings, just need to print the photos……
Item 13 – One more trip to go – hopefully a camping/fishing trip in December
Item 11 – Have joined an online class, which I am looking forward to doing. Will show photos when I can. I am also participating in Art Every Day Month in November. So that will be four challenges for the year
Item 8 – have all the cupboards and stuff for the new walls, just need hubby to have time to help me pull it all out and put it all back together.
Item 7 – Have the paint just need the time.
Item 5 – Due to all the lovely rain we have been having this spring the lawn around the house has taken off by it’s self.
Item 4 – I changed this to 8 x 8 inch pages and completed one each day in September for my scrap journal entries.
Item 3 – I have missed two months out of 10 so not doing to bad.
Item 1 – Haven’t used everything but my stash is starting to look neater.

I will have to start thinking about what I would like to achieve next year – 27 things – half will be similar to this year and other things will be new or a bit more challenging/easy.
Today has the feel that it is going to be cold and wet so I think a day of crafting is in order.
Well that’s it for this entry. Till Next Time
Happy Creating.