Wednesday, October 29

Wednesday Already

HI Everyone

I can't believe it is the middle of the working week already..It's nearly the start of Novemeber.....Next it will be Christmas Day....Where do the days go?????

Made this Inchy by Inch -

Was reading about Koalas so I thought I might try drawing one - this was quite funny - the middle girl I look after joined in with me and I think her koala's turned out better then mine (not shown) - still I like my attempts

One drawn in inch square was drawn to see if I could - no other reason for it.
I love May Gibbs and here stories Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. I saw these leaves yesterday and thought I would write on them like the Gumnut people do - it was more fun then I thought it would be.

That's all for today - I will be away for the next week so this will be my last post until the 10th of November - unless I find the time at home to post - It will be a busy post as I will have a week of creative things as Creative Everyday Month starts on Saturday - Looking forward to seeing what other people are doing for there creative month.

Till next time

Enjoy the rest of you week



Fiona Whitehead said...

Can't quite see the inchies Emma - they're such small little things! LOL! Thanks for joining in

freebird said...

Your pictures don't get larger by clicking on them. I don't know if you can change that but otherwise you might try taking a close-up of your inchies and such. I think I saw a ghost but couldn't be sure.

Neek said...

Oh, I love May Gibbs too - something so timeless about her. :)