Wednesday, October 22

Early Today

Morning everyone.

I am early today as the girls were up early and out of the house early to play which means I have time to play on the internet.

Have even been creative already today - very scary - wonder what the rest of my creative day will turn out like.

Here are a couple of creative things from this morning..

I wanted to create a dice that would be fun to use in the school room and large enough so it doesn't get lost and this is what I came up with.
I painted the squares (5cm by 5cm) with arcylic paints and bubble wrap. Then made it up as a dice - I filled the dice with gold glitter - just for something different - then sticky taped the whole lot so nothing could fall out. The photos aren't really clear as the numbers are a lot clearer then what they show up to be.


I found this really cool website - which is all about creating something on an inch square or circle - I thought this is the challenge I need and came up with the following four inch squares following the themes that are set.

From left to right top to bottom - Rain Rain Everywhere, Stars, The Sun has it's Hat on, Autumn leaves.

The inside squares are inch, where the border is and inch and a 1/4. Will be doing more of these...They are so cute...

Well I had better go and start my working day... Hopefully we don't get blown away - strong winds are blowing and the school room is creaking........
Happy Wednesday Everyone...

Two Quick Photos for you......


I was greeted by this little guy this morning on the way to the school room - Love spring cause of baby animals - don't like what the baby rabbits grow as they eat everything... But still, it is cute..


Fiona Whitehead said...

HI Emma - glad you found us - fabulous inchies - thanks for joining in the swap!

freebird said...

Great inchies. They are addictive - watch out!

The bunny is cute but yes, they eat everything in sight! We have chicken wire around anything we want to keep.