Saturday, October 4

My Friday

Just some random shots from my day.
The first is my to do list - the green ones are the jobs I completed - didn't get much done but went visiting people and watering "C" trees takes a fair bit of time.

Can't go the day without having a least one home made cappuccino.... YUMMY

Don't know what this tree is correctly called, we call it the butterfly tree. There is five of them flowering around town which I get to admire while on my walk.
The cedar trees are also out in full bloom and you can smell them for miles.
Love spring - YUMMY fruit salads with real fruit.
My dog Shelley - looks like she is on something but that's just her.
Last night we had a huge storm build up out to the south west - we only recieved a quick down pour which lasted less then 5 minutes but we were treated to a very large lighting show which lit the whole sky up.

That's about all for my Friday entry - have more written things but will show them in the final journal pages.
Saturday today and I'm off to play Tennis all day - We have a tennis tournment over the long weekend which should be fun - entry for today will probably end with me saying I have very sore muscles.

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