Wednesday, October 15

Good Morning Wednesday

What a change in temperature.... This morning we are in our jumpers after yesterday swimming in the pool??? I do not understand the weather but I wish it would make up it's mind as to what tempatures it is giving us - preferbly this tempature.
Have been busy with my camera yesterday - batteries are now flat so photos will be limited as I have to share the school camera batteries. :-(

Have lots of eggs at the moment as family have been away for three weeks so made a pav for desert last night YUMMY

I like to cook but I also don't like to cook...

Girls and "H" and "W" were very impressed with the pav. I was too.

Like my art work on the pav? Felt like being creative. Mango, strawberries and kiwi mmmmmm

I was also a bit of a fire bug yesterday. Where we walk into the school room there is a fence that was covered with rolly polly. Yesterday when I walked through a rustle in the dead leaves frightened me so after school I put a match to it. Porbably shouldn't have as it was very windy but I don't like not being able to see, and seeing as it is warming up, I want to beable to see any reptiles that may come near.




The moon at the moment is full so it is really bright. Tried to take apicture if it last night but must have been a bit to dark as it went fuzzy - flash made it go totally yuck.

The one I took this morning was much better - bright orange ball.

I posted a while back a white flwoer that was out the front of the house where I work. Well here is another one that is flowering. I wish I had been here over the three weeks cause there are six dried up ones which would have looked cool.

Said I was going to put up a challange today - here it is

Challenge one -

On a layout, in your scrap journal, on a canvas or as a mini book

Create a mosaic collage of your favourite topic using squares no bigger the 5cm by 5cm- this can either be done buy cutting the square out of magazines, cutting squares out of paper then drawing on the squares or a mixture of the two.

Will post my work later as I haven't time at the moment.

Let me know how you go with the challenge.

Happy Wednesday

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Neek said...

yep - I would burn my fences too. In fact I am at that stage! The fear of the rustling as I walk past is enough to either make me hibernate for 6 months or burn it!!!