Wednesday, October 8

Monday and Tuesday Photos


Went to work today with "J" back out in the back blocks. Along way from any where. I was so tired when I got home but I was also relaxed and happy that I went with "J" for the day. I am going back to work with him on Thursday and Friday. Am having today of to do things around the house "J" is out of work clothes - oops.. and to go to the flying doctors.

I love red sand. Where we were today was a large sand hill. Well it wasn't really that large but it was a pain in the neck to drive across with a tralier full of fencing gear. I took this photo of the paper daisys that were growing everywhere on the sand hill while waiting for the men to agree on where the strainer posts would go - bit hard when fence goes through the sand hill gulies and you can't see the other side.
These next two of pictures are the view I had for most of the day. I got the job of driving the ute while "J" and "G" (J's boss) drove posts in, laid out more posts, rolled out barded wire and sighted in the strainer posts.
BBQ for lunch - very yummy - wish flies weren't so friendly....
I scored a really good day to go to work with Jason there was cloud cover for most of the afternoon and a cool breeze blew for most of the day. Cool breeze as in I wore my jumper until lunch time without becoming hot.

Due to cloud cover the sunset was amazing. Lots of colours always changing.

The rest of MONDAY
Went to work with "J" after finishing out at my work. He is working along the same stretch of road - sort of.......
"J" gave me instructions on how to find him - I tuned out and said to many turns and twists so I would go straight home. When passing the turn off where he was working saw the fresh tractor tracks and remembered that he said he was taking the tractor across. Brain wave - follow tractor tracks.... Followed them alright on a wild goose chase - if I had known they were in the furtherest part of the paddock and it was a very bush track I might not have followed...
Through Water.... knew tracks had gone in so must be hard - got half way through and couldn't see tracks come out the other side - PANIC

I did eventually find them - half hour later - and am glad I did as it was so nice to be out in nature working again. Finished up the day with "J". When we got home I was tired but happy.
Part of the fence line "J" is working on..

This is part of an old wooden fence that I saw going into a tank. I think old fences are really interesting much more interesting then the new fences that are put up.

Large salt lake that we drove around. It goes white when it has water in it due to how salty it is.

Took this photo on the way home - this section of road was the same section where I had lots of the black soil. On the way home "J" sat on nearly 100km/hour. Sun dries things out very quickly out here.

Well That's it for Monday and Tuesday. Time now to start the day of Wednesday.....


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