Monday, October 6

Saturday, Sunday and start of Monday


Well it's Monday morning and I am back at work. Well sort of back at work - I am getting the bulk packs ready for school next Monday. The school room floor is covered with the school work. It will be orgainsed by lunch time.

When I got to work I fed the chooks and this is what I saw. They mustn't be very old but old enough that they have lost all their really fluff feathers. I think they are so cute at this age then they become ugly.

This really big wallaby sat and watched me this morning while I was opening one of the gates on the way out to work. These guys are so quite and so solid that I wouldn't want to hit one. This guy must have been around a fiar time as he is missing half of one ear and the other one has lots of cuts in it. Must have been in a few fights.

This is where I nearly got bogged. I was not happy. The brakes in "J's" ute wouldn't work so I sort of had some fun. Before stopping then even with the four wheel drive locked in I still slide every where. I am not a fan of driving in the mud.

This is the black soil that was so thick it wasn't fun. I drove across the plain in second gear and didn't go over 20km/hour. As I said before I am not a fan of mud espically black mud as it is soooo slippery. I didn't get bogged which was good.

These next two flowers were at the property where "J" works. I just love taking photos of flowers espically with rain drops. They look so fresh and healthy.

The power went out - 1minute and 35seconds before the end of the football grand final (No I don't follow football but know this as we were at the pub when it went out)

I came home after the BBQ and did my sudoka puzzles by candle light till J came home. It was so hot and sticky due to all the storms that were happening that I was very glad when the power came back on half way through the night.

Following photos are a few of the storm that was going around. It was nice when it was raining but when it stopped to was very sticky.

My mother in law to be has this beautiful flower in her garden this morning.

I think they are called Bird of Paradise. The colours are so crisp.

This is me getting ready to do the presentation on Sunday after the tennis matches had finished. I am not the kind of person who gets up in front of people and give speeches let alone present prizes, but everyone siad that I did a great job and they were very happy with all the work that I had done over the two days.


This is the only photo I took on Saturday. The majority of my day was spent at the tennis courts and Then I was fairly busy so will have more written words for todays entry.

That's about all I have for today. I had better get back to work and finish sorting out the bulk packs (the girls school work for the term is sent out in a pack and then I sort it out into weeks work and then days work)

Enjoy the rest of your MONDAY.

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