Thursday, February 26

Mixed Day

Well What a Day - It's one of those days where I wish I could climb back into bed and not face it. But It is nearly the end of the day. So surely no more can go wrong.....

I have prepared a roast leg of lamb for tea with the works baked potato, pumpkin, sweat potato, onion and cauliflower and cheesy white sauce. Yummy and it's nearly time for drinks. So things are looking up.

Just a few quick things.
Here are two photos taken by Jason's Boss's wife while they were flying around. This was after they recieved the four inches at the house - no idea what was out here but it's a lot of water........

Here are a couple of felt cuties that I have been working on. Orange Ghost, White and Orange giraffe, toadstool house, bone and a mythical water creature. All sitting in the box of rose petals waiting to be turned into perfumed bags.

The girls thought our tadpoles need some colour in their tank so they added some leaves. Have to do some research over the weekend to find out more about tadpoles and looking after them.

While looking on the net the other day I came across this blog
By Genie Sea

I read this poem that she had written and fell in love with it and made my day brighter.
Have a read and see how you feel.....
Today I invite all of you to aPicnic!Bring something fun with you!
a favorite song that makes your body groove
a delicious dish that makes your mouth water
a marvelous link that makes your mind go AH!
a great book that transports you to another realm
an inspiring person who makes your soul do the happy dance
an act of kindness that brings joy to the heart
a funny joke that fills your lungs with laughter
a fascinating video that makes your mind juices flow
a piece of art that puts you in a reverie
a thought that flows into your blood
And Share it with US!Let's celebrate!
Whether it's hot or cold outside. Sunny or snowing. Let's take a moment and gather together and share our blessings, in a wonderful creative picnic.
Thank you Genie Sea for letting me post your poem.
Well that's it for tonight. My "Frangelico Slide" is calling me from the house.
Till next time
Happy Creating

Tuesday, February 24

New School Room Pets

Two post in one day must have time.......

We have new pets in the school room. The girls are really happy that they are allowed to have these pets.
We haven't named them yet but they are thinking of names for them. It takes about two months before they form into frogs so looks like we will have them for a while. The girls want to keep the frogs when they are fully grown... We will have to see about that.

The water looks really yuck - from the side - but the frogs don't like clear water.
We feed them frozen lettuce leaves - they turn to algea form when they are in the water which makes it easier for the tad poles to eat.
Will keep you all posted as to how they are developing.
Till Next Time
Happy Creating

Busy Sketching

HI Everyone
Where do I start???? I have been so busy the last couple of days with work and at home that I seem to be chancing my tail to get things done - but at the same time I feel like I have done everything that I need to be doing.
Muggy weather today which isn't helping my train of thoughts as them seem to be as cloudy as ever today.

On with my art work as this I have been able to think clearly about.

TO:- this sketch I filled the squares randomly with To.... then drew pictures to represent each To.... - for example To Live - This art work came about from the song To Live Laugh and Love by I think Kenny Chesney, which was playing in the background when I opened my book. TO LIVE
Plan and simple....

Everything seems to be growing in my garden now after the rain we had which is a good thing as I thought all my trees were dying on me.

Was watching Tv lying on my right side - book open in front of me - show finished this is what I had drawn with my left hand. I like how it makes the trees look real.

Just felt colouring in.

I drew this page while the girls were in the school room working without needing my help.

While I was supervising the girls in the pool it started to rain/mist. I was doodling faces and liked the way the rain/mist on my page helped bring out the colours in the pastels.

I seem to have Time in my head at the moment as this is what I drew this morning - The writing under neath are all things to do with time. - moments in.... around the clock..... etc etc.

Had best be going as Work Duties are calling.....
Till next time
Happy creating....

Wednesday, February 18

Cooler Today

How is Everyone? It is a lot cooler today then when I last wrote as well as a lot wetter. On Monday we had nearly 2 inches of rain here at work. We had over 5 inches at home and Bourke had over 9 inches. There is water lying here at work and H and I have been walking with the girls in the water each after noon. Will up load some photos when I have a chance.
The cooler weather is also nice. To think this time two weeks ago our school thermeter was reading above 40 every afternoon and this week I don't think we have hit the 20 mark. I am not complaining but some more rain would be nice.
I am unable to get home due to the rain so will be out at work for two weeks unless we have more rain.
The Hello photo above is my large writing artwork. The letters are just under two metres high. I wrote it on one of the clay flats out the back of the property where I work.

Since writing last time I have been to South Australia and back 3007km round trip. Jason had the week off and so did I so we decided to head down to SA for some fishing and some R&R.

Jason and I on the longest wooden jetty in Australia. 1.5km to the end.

Not many photos from the trip as they are still on camera will upload some more when I have a chance. Now for some other bits and pieces that I have been doing.

Brought myself a paper quilling set while I was away for a whole $1. Had some fun trying it out while traveling in the car. I think I will enjoy adding some paper quills to my artworks.

Here are my two pirates. Saw a really old ship and thought it looked like a pirate ship so while Jason fished on the jetty I drew the pirates that were sitting on the ship watching us. I was kind of bored and frezzing so was coming up with silly ideas to distract me from the cold weather.
While we were jetty fishing at night the full moon came up over the town. I wanted to try out my camera skills and took these photos of the moon reflecting in the sea water, at different hieghts.Then I just had some fun. Love these effects. Am going to use them for backgrounds in my journal.
Last but not least, I saw an art work while I was away that was made up of squares the a variety of pictures drawn in them. I decided I could do this so drew up a page 6 x 10 inch squares and drew. Here is my finally masterpiece.
Well that's about all I have time for today as School is in full swing and the girls will be needing my help soon. Till next time
Happy Creating.

Friday, February 6


HI Everyone
Well our temperture prediction for today is 47 degrees C. It is already 38 on my verandah and it's not even 10 o clock yet. I think lots of things will be done inside today under the air con and lots of water sprayed about for the animals.

Here are some word arts I have been completeing over the last two days.

If you remember HALCYON is my word for 2009 - this art work is to hang in the school room near my desk to remind me to have Halcyon Days.
This one isn't very clear but it says:-
Sing out of tune
Fly away
Laugh out loud
Dream big
ANd it has a picture to go with all the words. I drew this while watching my favourite TV show last night Ghost Whisper. I wasn't concentrating on what I was drawing, I just drew.

Live Laugh and Love, This is on a clear plastic sheet which I am going to hang on our school room window just to add some colour to it.

When I cleaned up my scrap/spare room I found lots of letter stickers which I had put away due to not having enough of the right letters to make words. I saw a letter collage on a website and thought I would try it.
I am happy with the results. This is one of Five that I created. The others are already hanging on my wall at home so will include photo of them when I get around to it.
Playing with my pastels again.

I have also been busy making 3D objects but due to not having my camera connection am unable to put photos onto the computer. Hopefully I will beable to post them on my blog tomorrow when I am home.
Something I found on the net while surfing yesterday was a lady in USA who has a hedgehog as a pet. You have to have a permit to have one and they take a lot of looking after, having to wash their quills and then dry them Ouch!! Some people have the strangest pets.
Well That's about all for today. Am off to do some more watering and spraying then house cleaning.
Until next time
Happy Creating

Wednesday, February 4


HI everyone

What a HOT time we are having..... Finally the summer heat has hit us. Don't know about other people but I haven't been doing to much out in the heat. Well trying not to any way - things still need to be attended to.
Well I am back at work - teaching that is. The school term started on Monday for us out here but we started last week as the girls are away this week - they have gone to the beach :-( So I am at work looking after all the animals as it is too hot not to have someone here.

I can't believe we are already in Febuary, where is the year going???????

Well I have some more "STUFF" to share with you all that I have been doing over the last week.

Stuff One:- I loved my felt flowers that I had to make some more.

I haven't added any faces as I don't have my felt pens so will add them when I get home.

Stuff Two:- Valentines day is not to far away so I am starting to make some gifts for my friends and loved ones.

Stuff Three:- I am experimanting with my scrap journal this month and wanted to try something completely different. So I have laminated some pages with glitter and cellophane in them for my journal covers. Love the thickness that they came out - am going to use splits rings to hold it all together.

Stuff Four:- One of my 100 ideas was to write the instructions for a puppet. I made them while I wrote the instructions. They are only 10cm high. Don't know where they will live but the the girls I teach like them so they might become school mascots with Cheeky the School Monkey.

Stuff Five:- I refound my chalk pastels and thought I would have some fun with them. The next two pictures are drawn on canvas which will have another two when I get home which will then be hung in a block on my scrap/spare room wall.

Stuff Six:- Another pastel drawing. I wanted to see a pink tree for some reason so that is what I created.
Stuff Seven:- Just Bright Colours and Happy things.......

This Month the CED topic is WORDS
Here are two things I have created yesterday and the day before.

Well I have lots of things to get done today so I had better be going so as to complete these things. Then the pool will be on the agenda. I went for a swim early this morning while the birds were still singing their morning songs and it was so relaxing.

Till next time

Happy Creating