Wednesday, April 29


I am back in the land of INTERNET……….. J J

I have been on holidays (well only at home as it was school holidays so wasn’t working) and on the first day of my three weeks off I went to do some research on the internet and my modem decided it didn’t want to work – after nearly an hour talking to a Telstra person on the phone (half of that time was spent convincing him that Louth was not a suburb of Sydney that is in fact nearly a days drive away) to have them tell me they had no idea what was wrong with the connection and that they were filing a report for me.

I then rang my local Retravision to have them tell me in 2 minutes that my modem was stuffed and that I needed a new one……. Talk about annoying – Jason didn’t come near me for a while due to how annoyed I was with Telstra.

After working that out I then found out that my modem was out of warranty (as things always seem to be for me) so I had to order a new one – guess when it turned up – the day before I had to come back to work…………………

Three weeks with no internet is a very long time……..

I have now had my little Bitch session I can now write about all the fun things I have been up to for the last three weeks.

First and by far most the best thing that has happened is I am an aunty again to Amy Elizabeth. I knew I was going to be an aunty but not in April – Amy was a little early but she is doing okay she will be in the hospital for a little while yet.
I was lucky enough to have a cuddle when I went down to Mum and Dad’s on the weekend. She is so small.

I have also been busy with my April challenge only missing two days with doing everything that I said I wanted to do so am quite proud of my self.

Here are a few snippets from what I have been doing:-

April 3rd – last day of the school term for the girls so I decided to do something fun with them – we did some tie dying and some Baltic dying as well. This was lots of fun. These are a few of the samples I made – The girls did the big pieces of material.

April 5th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON – had a great day spending the whole day with each other tracking down a cow…………………..

April 7th – Accidentally picked up a cross stitching magazine instead of my paper crafting magazine while I was in town – it had a free sample kit with it and I have had some fun cross stitching – I have done cross stitch before but not for a very long time.
April 12th – Jason and I went to My parents place where we had a yummy dinner cooked by my sister Sarah (she received the cooking genes) to celebrate Mum’s birthday which was on Tuesday the 14th. We celebrated it early as it would be the only time that the whole family would be together.

April 14th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM – Jason and I got home from My parents late on the 13th as Jason had to work on Tuesday – the phone rang early this morning and I told Jason to answer it as it would be his boss telling him what they were up to for the day – Well I was wrong – it was my brother ringing to tell me that I was an aunty again. Not what we were expecting……
April 23rd - Went to Cobar and and went shopping - I brought myself a new ring - first one on the top row - they are made out of glass - I liked the yellow and green ones on the bottom row but they didn't fit :-(
April 18th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY H – I remembered…..

April 27th - the family I work for have a Southern Boobook Owl living in their shed. He/she hasn’t been there for ages and he/she returned in the holidays so we now say hello to him/her when we go for a morning walk/jog and our afternoon one. We think there may be two of them as he/she isn’t always the same size.
Was feeling dotty one day during the holidays so I created these gift cards.

Well that’s about all I have for today Have probably bored you all so will sign off now and hopefully have regular updates now that I am back at work.

Till next Time Happy Creating

Thursday, April 2


Hi Everyone

Two quick photos to show you all.

Found the negative setting on my camera while helping clear away a tree off the road and burn it.

Love the effect.

Till next time

Happy creating

Wednesday, April 1

No Picture Post

HI Everyone
I can't believe that we are already into our fourth month of the year. Lots happening that the year seems to be going very quickly. It is going to go even quicker now that I have lots to oraginse before the end of the year.

Only 94 till we fly out to Germany. The tickets arrived in the mail on Friday so it is really starting to become more real. Now have to start thinking about clothes and what else I need to take. Already have my scrap journal bases ready with lots of blank pages and spaces for photos. Will take some photos and post them when I have a chance.

Lots happening in my art and craft area but have no photos for you. I am hoping to put the drawings and paintings into the Bourke show which is on the 2nd of May and I don't want to display my work until after the show. So look out for a very busy blog post after the 2nd of May.

Have created an April Month challenge for my self. I want to do the 365 project again this year but just didn't get started so have decided to challenge myself for the 30 days of April.

This is my challenge:-
:- part 1 - take at least six photos per day (one nature related)
:- part 2 - decorate one page per day with something colourful - painting, drawing, stickers, etc
:- part 3 - stick in one magazine/newspaper/internet "thing" per day ie:- story, advettisment, colour combo, cool photo etc
:- part 4 - record at least 4 things that happened for the day
:- part 5 - record one thing that made me laugh or smile

I will keep you posted on my progress when I have the chance. I am completing this challenge in an A4 spiral visual arts book, so have lots of space to record my challenge items.

We have finished school here for the term at work and we are now Easter crafting and getting things ready for the Bourke show.

Lots of music being played - Girls like the sound track to Mamma Mia and they nearly know all the songs off by heart - sometimes good - sometimes scary :-)

Well I am off to do some more drawings/paintings for the Bourke show.
Till Next time
Happy Creating