Monday, May 11

What a weekend

(wish I said I grew these but no. Jason's mum did :-) Love mothers day flowers)

Firstly HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY to all the mums out there. I hope you all had a realxing day :-)
Saw these tulips in town on Saturday and really wanted to buy some but decided that they wouldn't last in a hot car all day then the rough trip home so took a photo of them instead.

Well I have been busy over the weekend. Busy doing NOTHING!!!! Jason and I decided we wanted to go fishing for the weekend so that is what we did.
The following is my entry in my journal on Saturday morning

Saturday morning around 6.45am on the 9th of May.

Am sitting in front of a fire

Under a big tall gum tree

with a view of the river

waiting for the sun to show it's self through the trees here

All the birds are just starting to wake up and sing their morning tune. The kookuburras have been the loudest so far.
The only thing wrong with this picture is I don't have my morning coffee in my hands as Jason doesn't have a billy any more :-( but apart from that you can't spoil the morning.
We ended up with one good size Darling Cod and some nice size Yellow Belly (which I am cooking for tea tonight out at work) YUMMY
A picture of the moon from the weekend.

Couple of other random photos:-

Me relaxing on trampoline at work with coffee and book in the afternoon warmth

I thought my squash plant was dead until I found this on the weekend. Isn't it a beauty..

Art in Progress picture two - have more canvases so am working towards my sisters present.

Well that's it for another entry

Till next time


Thursday, May 7

Colours and Nature

Hi Everyone

Lots of colourfull art works happening here.

The girls created these ones - a line one and a circle one each. They are their mother's day gifts for Sunday.
I like how bright they are so had to make two for my self which I will hang in my scraproom when I get home.
My sister Trudy liked the blue line work I did and wanted some so am now creating some for her to hang in her room at Uni. This is how much I have done so far.
This months Creative Everyday Topic is NATURE so I thought what better way to start off this topic with making our own paper. The girls, H and I had lots of fun making the paper as well as making a very large mess.
I won't be making paper again in a hurry but haven't completely wiped it off my to try again list. This is the sunrise I had coming to work on Monday.

Well I had better get back to work.
Till Next time
Happy Creating

Friday, May 1

Just a quick post

Hi Everyone
It may be the first of May today but it felt like the first of winter. I had a look at our school thermometre this morning around 7.45 and it was only 4 degrees C. Arrgghh Imagine what winter will be like. Thankfully the days are still warming up.

Just two quick pictures today:-
Here are my Bling Inchies - Love Hope and Charity.

Here is something that I have been working on this week while the girls have been busy with there school work.

ONly problem is I don't know which way I will hang it in my lounge room. Out or in??????

I will be hanging a picture in the middle.
Am looking forward to the Creative Everyday topic this month - NATURE - will ebable to have lots of fun with it.
Happy Creating Everyone.
Till Next Time