Thursday, April 29

A bit of everything

Being Creative with Tigger today...

First Off - The view I had this morning while having my coffee...
I love mail days - espically when big boxes arrive, catalogues and magazines with no bills to be seen.
This is the cross stitch pattern that was on the front of the Fox Collection Catalogue. I would so love to have this hanging in my house but I don't think I would have the time or paticence to complete it.

Had a look at the Creative Every Day Website and this months theme was the five senses. I wish I had more time with this theme as I love to journal/record things using my senses. Here is a part of my journalling from my daily journal.
Evening walk thorugh my Five Senses.
Smell - the smell of still water that is starting to have an algae smell to it, the smoke from the wood fires that are starting to be lit due to the cooler weather.
Sound - kookaburras laughing out loud as I walk past, the crickets moving in the grass
Touch - the cool night air starting to drift in amoung the trees, the mozzies that are stinging me as I walk along
Sight - blue, purple, pink, orange sky always changing as the sunsets, birds flying from tree to tree settling down for the night
Taste - the coolness in the air with a smokey taste about it, the fly that flew in my mouth much to my disgust......
Next months theme is - Intuition........
The Next Pictures are all to do with the Class "Tell your Story" so all credits go to Elise and Rachel. I am enjoying this class as it has already made me try new things I wouldn't normally do.
Material Covered Tell your story Journal cover. (My idea not the classes)
I have seen this done before and have never tried it because I thought it would be hard. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but it wasn't easy either.

The material is some of the stuff that I had tie dyed myself. This is my favourite colour combo.
Inside cover and first page
First Prompt -

Journalling reads - Hi my name is Emma Boede. I love to live each day to it's fullest capacity. Whether it be working hard, studying or letting my creative juices flow. Each day my goals change but as long as I achieve something each day, the day has not been wasted.

Second Prompt -
Journalling reads - Today felt, magical and full of adventure.....I only went to work and caught up with friends......must be the magic of the full moon.

Prompt three -
Pictures from my daily journal now
Same sunrise three different camera settings. I love how the same scene can change colour depending on what your camera is set on.

My May Journal - I liked the material covered look so covered my next months daily journal book with another piece of material that I tie dyed.
Well that's it for this post.
Had better go and do some study seeing as I spent the morning being creative. (recieved my first essay back and pasted so am happy)
Till Next Time
Happy Creating

Monday, April 26

Week In A Life Finished

Here are the last of my Week In My Life entires. I still haven't written on them but I will when I have more time..... When ever that will be.....

Saturday 24th April -
The page is blank as I forgot to print out my photos that I put in the show and I will be sticking the certificates in here as well. The ribbons will go in the box along with the other ones I have received.

Found the dog in the pictures walking along the road when we came home from Bourke. Luckly Jason knew who owned it so we could return her.

I love StarBurst Lollies and I am loving how they have done their packaging to sponsor Camp Quality.

Sunday 25th April - ANZAC DAY - Lest We Forget.
Went to the local evening service. There was a good crowd which was good.

Sunday Morning was spent planting my new trees/srubs that I picked up at the show. One is a Bottle Brush mauve in colour, One is a Showy Honey Murtle with cream flowers and the other is a Hairy Wattle which is bright yellow so hopefully if the all survive I will have a very colourful garden.
I also planted some vegies and used up the sunflower seeds.

We now have a new cool room at the Tennis/community shed. The cool room will be very helpful when it comes to catering for rallies and our local events.

I have also finished my first page layout for "Tell Your Story" which starts tomorrow. I am looking forward to this on line class. I don't know how I will go with keeping up with all the pages the two girls have planned along with my studies and work but I will see how I go.

Not exactly how they said to do the pages but I didn't have some of the items and seeing as I am not buying anything new and want to use up what is in my craft drawers (item number 1 on my 26 things list) so I improvised a bit.

Well that's it for today. washing machine is beeping at me so had better go hang out the clothes.

Till Next Time

Happy Creating

Sunday, April 25

ANZAC DAY - Lest we forget.

ANZAC DAY - a day to remember those who have fort for us in wars across the world. Take time out today to remember those who have fallen for us.
We didn't have a dawn service today but will be remembering those in our service this afternoon at five.
Went to the Bourke Show yesterday. Very disappointed. I must admit it was late afternoon when I went but it just ...... Don't know what to call it but apart from finding out how my art work went I was disappointed
I did bring three trees home which I was given. So I am now thinking about where I am going to plant them.
Here are my art works that I entered in the fine arts section - three thirds out of four entries - I am happy with the results.
This one recieved fifth out of seven.

Well that's it for this entry

Till next time

Happy Creating

Saturday, April 24

Week in life entires

Hi everyone,

Here are my Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's entries in my journal. They are not 100% finished as I am still going to add more journalling on and around the photos, just have to wait till I go to town today a by a new pen for writing on photos (ink dried up in old one due to lack of use and lid not being on properly - Note to self make sure pen lids are on tight...)
Tuesday 20th April
Love close up photos of fire and coals...
Wednesday 21st April -
Not much today as I had to go to work at the local school and didn't take my camera due to privacy act.
This poem - which I will type out if you can't read it is one that I have liked for a long time - I found it in a magazine at the school after work and copied it. Unfortunatly I could only copy in black and white so imagine the page full of very bright colours.
Thursday 22nd
Friday 23rd
Have had a sore throat and head ache and runny nose so most of the day was spent in bed either sleeping or watching craft dvds or Looney Tunes Cartoons.

Well that's it for me today. Bourke show is on so might head into town and have a look around and see how my art work went.

Item 9 on my 26 things I want to do in 2010 - I only entried 4 art works instead of six. I completed five but was not happy with the drawing so didn't send it.

Will post my pictures here when I get them back.

Only four more days till "Tell your story" classes start. I am so looking forward to this. Something different for me to try. Will post pages when I have a chance.

Time to go and have a coffee and the last of the hot cross buns.

Till next time

Happy Creating

Tuesday, April 20

Day one of "A week in my life"

HI Everyone

Well I have started my "A week in my Life" challenge which I have seen on Ali Edwards blog

I know that I keep a daily journal, but this is something a little extra. Normally I only document parts of my day or week where for this week I am documenting a lot more about what I do each day.

Here is my entry for Monday 19th of April. The pages are not completely finished as I still have more journalling and other bits and pieces to add to them.
I also started my "Tell your story" class that Elise and Rachel are running. So anything I do for "Tell your story" credit goes to these two very creative ladies.
Here is my first page. It is not complete as I am waiting on paint and glue to dry before adding more inforamtion to it.

Any way that's it for me for this blog.

Am off for my evening walk with C.

Till next time Happy Creating

Tuesday, April 13

One free week from Uni Study time to blog

HI Everyone.

Well to start with item 21 on my 26 things I want to do in 2010 is not happening as much as I would like it to be. I had great plans at the start of the year to blog on a regular basis along with studying by corrospondance for my Degree in Early Childhood at uni and working part time with Jason.

Turns out Jason needed me for nearly the full month of Feb and March to work. Don't get me wrong I love the work espically when I have views like this while on the motorbike.

Only problem is they were long days so when I got home apart from cooking dinner I didn't feel like doing much else.

For those of you who don't know this is a Mulga Spider. They build very large and strong webs in mulga trees and around scrub. They and in the hundreds out where we have been mustering and give a nasty bite if need be. Funny story (well i can laugh about it now) I did the strip in the middle of the paddock due to one of these guys. Riding through some thick scrub following a mob of sheep and had to turn a sharp turn to avoid a large tree scrub, well in avoiding the scrub I rode straight into one of these guys webs with the spider hitting me right in the middle of the face. Well the motor bike was dropped and the shirt and singlet came off, making sure the spider didn't stay where it was not wanted. So here I am in the middle of the scrub with only my jeans and bra on, with the motor bike lying on it's side. Jason was very disappointed that he didn't get to see me.

So along with working with Jason and completeing my first two Uni essay's I haven't had much time for anything else apart from a few words here and there in my daily journal.

Today I have finished all my house work. Have put on my green thumb and planted some bulbs seeing as it is such a lovely day and have now made myself a cup of my favourite coffee and decieded it is time to update my blog. So here I am.
So much has happened since I have last written and not much has happened at all.

As I said I am studying for my Uni Degree in Childcare, which I have wanted to do for a while now. It is a lot harder then I thought it was going to be - well harder then the last three TAFE courses I have done but I have sent my first two essay's off and now have two weeks where I don't have to worry about reading any modules or researching so I am going to catch up on my 26 things I want to do in 2010. See side bar for my list.

Item 18 - Here is the book shelf I purchased. All of the journals are there for the last five years. My Scrapbooks and my mini Albums are on a different book shelf. I love how they are now out in the open so that any one who comes to visit can take them out and flick through
them or Jason and myself can look at what we have done since we have been going out.

Item 3 - I don't have any photos for this as they are in the book already but am still going with this, so far my themes have been Jan - nature up close, Feb - The story they could tell, Mar - drink any one, April - ABC of my daily life and for May i have chosen self portraits with a view.

When scanner is working will show you all how I am recording these photos.

Item 10 - I have been walking every night for the majority of the year with another lady in town. I am now needing a belt on my jeans so must be slimming down.
Item 11 - Have signed up for another class by Elsie - Telling my Story - sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Will also be joining in with Ali and her Week In Life Challenge. Find out more here and here

Item 12 - So far everyone who has celebrated a birthday in my family or close friends have recieved a hand made card and they all love them.
Item 17 - have finished one cross stitch and have nearly finished my clown tapestry that I started when I was in year 10 (1998) will photography when I have finished
Item 19 - I have just finished reading these six books - five by Keri Smith and the other by Ralph Fletcher. I am so inspired but what I have read in these books that I am going to have to try some of the ideas myself.

Now for some completly random photos.

Having Fun with Ryan (my nephew) and Amy (my niece) while my brother, sister inlaw nephew and niece visited at Easter time.

Love this shot of the rain
droplets on the leave with the road disappearing in the background.

Sun trying to come through the fog which we had the other morning. One of the many beautiful sunrises that I see while sitting out the front on my new (part time study/craft desk)

Orange Tree Flower - They are so fragile so to find one with all it's petals is really hard. This one is not complete but it is the best I have seen.

Really strange looking caterpillar found while planting my bulbs this morning. It is only the size of a five cent coin. But it is very PINK....

Jigsaw Puzzle collection - By the Water hole. Completed these two 500 pieces and middle one 1500 in one week. they are now hanging above our bed.

Well that's it for this blog entry. We are going away for the rest of the week but hopefully I will be able to post next week as I am not working for a while, and I don't have uni study to complete.
Till next time
Happy Creating