Tuesday, October 21

Lots of Photos

Lots happening here at the moment but had time to post these couple of photos for you all to see.

View From The Top
I had to take some photos of a tank for "J" on my way home from work on Friday. I love being in high places so took some photos while I was up there (wouldn't normally take camera up on tank stand) Love shadow shot. Makes me look strong.....
Ground tank that the high tank over flows into. Very inviting water as it was quite warm. Shelley (the dog) didn't need any encouragement to go swimming.....

One cheeky little chicken - This little chicken is the one I showed you on previous posts. Hasn't it grown and become adventerous. "It" (still don't know what sex it is) kept fling up to this plant while I was supervising the girls in the pool. Don't know if "It" will stay in house yard much longer if it continues to do this to "H" plants.......

New additions to the house yard - They are lamb marking out here at the moment and these four lambs didn't have mums so "H" is letting them stay in the house yard until they are big enough to look after themselves. The girls think it is great - one each and all have names - from left - Puff-ball, Lucy and Petals. Lambs are cute but they grow up - Like all baby animals.
Rainbow Bee-eaters.
At the moment there are rainbow Bee-eaters living near the house where I work. Whiole I am supervising the girls in the pool (in afternoon) they come and play near the house. They are so relaxing to watch and listen to. The bird book desribes their call as a "sweet Prrrp, Prrrp".

I caught this one sitting in the top of the tree calling out to it's mates, I then tired to capture them flying around, as two were having lots of fun yesterday afternoon chasing each other around. The bottom two pictures is what I caught on camera - they were very fast....

One very fat lizard

Saw this lizard yesterday afternoon. Have decided it is the girl one out of the pair that I saw (other one to quick for camera) as she was twice the size. Either it is eating really well or she is about ready to drop her eggs. Hopefully she doesn't lay them under the schoolroom - I like them but don't like them that much.

CREATIVE EVERYDAY WEEK 20th to 26th October

Have joined the Creative Every Day Week. It started yesterday so am including yesterday creativity and today's.

While supervising the girls in the pool yesterday I had some fun with my water colour paints (which I haven't used for ages)very abstract but I like it. It is the view I have while watching the girls.

I thought my Purple Elephant needed a friend so today I made him a Pink Giraffe to keep him company. Both are made out of plasticine.

More Creativity tomorrow - what will it be?????

Enjoy the rest of Tuesday.....

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Leah said...

aw, your little animals are so cute!!