Friday, October 24

Wednesday and Thursday Creativity

Cold morning to everyone - I am sitting here in my winter clothes and my slippers on typing this on this very fresh Friday Morning.
Lots of creativity going on with some unexpected card making and pet rocks.

I have enrolled in a painting course on the computer and it started yesterday morning. We made a colour wheel. Mine isn't how the teacher made hers (as I haven't watched the whole lesson yet) but I like the colours in it just the same.
Mixing of colours - creating new ones - experimenting with different blends - watching the new colours unfold
These cards (which were unexpected) were created with the left over paint from the colour wheel. I loved the pale colours and just couldn't bring myself to wash the down the sink, so made these cute cards instead. Have only one left to give (can't decide who to) but those who have recieved them they made their day.
The school rooms new pet - He is very small but he sits on the tray tub on my desk watching everything that is going on. The young girl loves to collect rocks and she gave me this one ages ago and it has been sitting on my desk, so on Wednesday I decided to add a face to it and make him into a pet.
He sits on the tray tubs with the elephant and giraffe.

One thing I like to look at is freshly sharpened coloured pencils - they look to good to use.

Had better go and start school - can't believe it is already the end of week two. Feels like only yesterday we started the school term.
Happy Friday.....


rachel whetzel said...

ahhhh freshly sharpened pencils of ANY color or NO color... not only LOOK good, the SMELL good too. :)

Leah said...

fun, fun! where are you taking an online class?