Friday, October 10

Wednesday and Thursday photos

Well the week in my life exercise is over. It feels strange as it feels like only yesterday that I started taking photos for this exercise.

Here are Wednesday (due to technology they are two days late) and Thursday's photos. Hopefully today I will beable to complete the exercise and put the all into my scrap journal.

Mowed the lawn this morning. Had to mow it first thing as I need "J" to start it for me the first time as it is a bit tempormental until it has done some work. The lawn looks so fresh once it has been cut and watered.

I couldn't believe it - I ran out of fuel with only this little patch to go. I didn't know if the fuel containter was mixed or not so I had to leave it until "J" got home. He then informed me that the fuel was mixed (could have told me that before you went to work). I had the lawns mowed by 7.30 (8.30 daylight savings time - we don't swap over) I couldn't believe it.

Went across to "J's" uncle's to get some tomatoe plants as he had to many. He had aleady dug them up and "J's" aunt had taken them up to "J's" mum place. I went up there, to get them and realised that I should have turned up later. J's mum was making tree guards for the trees she has been planting at the cemerty and I was roped in to helping her. I ended up making 11 of them and I couldn't feel my fingers afterwards. Old chicken wire is not easy to bend.
I wasn't quick enough with the camera, "Dog" had me in fits of laughter. J's mum had been saving the milk boxes to put around the trees as well. Dog who put's his nose into everything, put his nose into the milk box and got stuck. He ran around the yard with the box on his head running into things. It finally feel off and then Dog was into it. He chewed it to pieces.

After helping S (J's Mum) for nearly 2 hours I came home to print some of the photos I had been taking. I realised that I only had one piece of photo paper left. Seeing as I can't nick down to the shops and buy some more I had to be creative. This group of photos are being printed on - envelopes, yellow paper that comes in the photo paper packs, lined card and brown paper from paper bags. I had thought about waiting until I got some more photo paper - but by doing it this way shows that I need to adapt my scraping ways to get things completed.

I finally got my scrap corner cleaned up. At the moment it looks mess again but I can actually see everything, and everything that I can see has a home I just have to put them there.

No coffee this morning just a mixed berry thick shake instead - YUMMY

Started to decorate my large E. Got the first coat of paint on then had a mental blank as to how I was going to finsh decorating it. Hopefully an idea will come to me today while I am working in my scrap corner. It feels so good to be able to sit down and work at my desk again. I haven't done this for over four weeks. New additions to my scrap corner. Mum gave me these glass jars ages ago and they have been going around and around my room not really belonging any where. When I saw that my ribbon draw was over flowing I had the idea to fill the jars. They now have a place in my scrap corner.
I love fairies. I love watching Peter Pan with Tinkerbell and the other fairies. Don't point your finger as a fairy may fall through it. These girls watch over me while I work.


New life. I found this guy while I was watering the vegie patch. I only planted the seeds a week ago and already I have six squash plants showing. Won't be long and I will be eating home grown vegies. YUMMY

The chooks are funny. When I walk past their gate they run like made up to it hopeing that I will let them out, When I do let them out they then run crazy all over the lawn for about 2 minutes before stopping and haveing a scratch at things. Strange birds.
Some darling pea that is growing up at the neighbours block where I watered the trees. I love these flowers.
Loads of washing - does it ever stop??????
Went for a drive with "J" out to see a bloke. On the way back we hit a kangaroo. Not a small one but a large red one. Some damage done to the bull bar and drivers headlight. "J" was not happy.

Some of the yummy fruit that is growing in the garden at the moment. Nothing beats home grown fruit and vegie.

Well that's it for the week in my life exercise. Hopefully I will post the completed week in my scrap journal before to long. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.

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Neek said...

phew I am exhausted! :) :) Love the jar idea for ribbons ever since I saw Gabie's at the retreat! :) Want to do that myself - but I don't have any more room!

I think you have inspired me to do a "week in my life with photos" thing..... will try and give it a go. :)