Thursday, October 30

Inchy by inch take 2

Hi ladies

Thanks for letting me know that you couldn't see thye inchy's clearly - hopefully this is clearer as I could see them clearly at my end.

Just a quick close up of the beads that I added to my journal at the moment. Just adds a bit more visual to the journal.

Painting Course Now

Have a great week see you all around the 10th.


Wednesday, October 29

Wednesday Already

HI Everyone

I can't believe it is the middle of the working week already..It's nearly the start of Novemeber.....Next it will be Christmas Day....Where do the days go?????

Made this Inchy by Inch -

Was reading about Koalas so I thought I might try drawing one - this was quite funny - the middle girl I look after joined in with me and I think her koala's turned out better then mine (not shown) - still I like my attempts

One drawn in inch square was drawn to see if I could - no other reason for it.
I love May Gibbs and here stories Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. I saw these leaves yesterday and thought I would write on them like the Gumnut people do - it was more fun then I thought it would be.

That's all for today - I will be away for the next week so this will be my last post until the 10th of November - unless I find the time at home to post - It will be a busy post as I will have a week of creative things as Creative Everyday Month starts on Saturday - Looking forward to seeing what other people are doing for there creative month.

Till next time

Enjoy the rest of you week


Tuesday, October 28

Is there such a thing as a "NORMAL DAY"

Gotta Love technology - can't really complain as it works when it wants to - not necessarliy when it suits me...
Couple of creativness from last weeks creativity.
I created this page in my journal that I am using at the moment. "H" was throwing out the puzzle pieces and I thought I could do something with them - this is what I ended up with - each puzzle piece has things about me then in amoungst the pieces I have doodled pictures. I am happy with how it turned out.

I had made these clay pieces a while back. I painted them on Friday and now they are sitting on my desk.

The banana was created for "Cheeky" - the school room mascot and guard monkey - the girls thought he would get hungry over the weekends so I made the banana for him - the girls think that Cheeky likes his banana...What do you think

The roses that I had photographed last week had started to die off so I trimmed them all off, for "H" - I kept the petals so the girls and I can make something with the once they have dried out - I was taking all the middle pieces out and dropping them into the bucket - this is what I saw when I had finished - don't know why but looking at this seemed to be relaxing for me.

Rose Petals - I sat out the front of the house at work and kept running my hand through the petals listening to the rainbow birds calling out to each other and watching the day come to an end - It was soooo relaxing.

Didn't do any on Saturday or Sunday as I didn't have the time - I was home for a total of 4 hours (not including sleeping time) over the whole weekend - doesn't allow time for creativity - espically when house work needs to be done.

The girls found a bat in the pool this afternoon while they were swimming. I am not a fan of bats but I couldn't let the little thing drown. After he had dried off the girls let him go - they wanted him for a pet and both "H" and I said NO!!!

Had better go and do some work
Till next time

Friday, October 24

Wednesday and Thursday Creativity

Cold morning to everyone - I am sitting here in my winter clothes and my slippers on typing this on this very fresh Friday Morning.
Lots of creativity going on with some unexpected card making and pet rocks.

I have enrolled in a painting course on the computer and it started yesterday morning. We made a colour wheel. Mine isn't how the teacher made hers (as I haven't watched the whole lesson yet) but I like the colours in it just the same.
Mixing of colours - creating new ones - experimenting with different blends - watching the new colours unfold
These cards (which were unexpected) were created with the left over paint from the colour wheel. I loved the pale colours and just couldn't bring myself to wash the down the sink, so made these cute cards instead. Have only one left to give (can't decide who to) but those who have recieved them they made their day.
The school rooms new pet - He is very small but he sits on the tray tub on my desk watching everything that is going on. The young girl loves to collect rocks and she gave me this one ages ago and it has been sitting on my desk, so on Wednesday I decided to add a face to it and make him into a pet.
He sits on the tray tubs with the elephant and giraffe.

One thing I like to look at is freshly sharpened coloured pencils - they look to good to use.

Had better go and start school - can't believe it is already the end of week two. Feels like only yesterday we started the school term.
Happy Friday.....

Wednesday, October 22

Early Today

Morning everyone.

I am early today as the girls were up early and out of the house early to play which means I have time to play on the internet.

Have even been creative already today - very scary - wonder what the rest of my creative day will turn out like.

Here are a couple of creative things from this morning..

I wanted to create a dice that would be fun to use in the school room and large enough so it doesn't get lost and this is what I came up with.
I painted the squares (5cm by 5cm) with arcylic paints and bubble wrap. Then made it up as a dice - I filled the dice with gold glitter - just for something different - then sticky taped the whole lot so nothing could fall out. The photos aren't really clear as the numbers are a lot clearer then what they show up to be.


I found this really cool website - which is all about creating something on an inch square or circle - I thought this is the challenge I need and came up with the following four inch squares following the themes that are set.

From left to right top to bottom - Rain Rain Everywhere, Stars, The Sun has it's Hat on, Autumn leaves.

The inside squares are inch, where the border is and inch and a 1/4. Will be doing more of these...They are so cute...

Well I had better go and start my working day... Hopefully we don't get blown away - strong winds are blowing and the school room is creaking........
Happy Wednesday Everyone...

Two Quick Photos for you......


I was greeted by this little guy this morning on the way to the school room - Love spring cause of baby animals - don't like what the baby rabbits grow as they eat everything... But still, it is cute..

Tuesday, October 21

Lots of Photos

Lots happening here at the moment but had time to post these couple of photos for you all to see.

View From The Top
I had to take some photos of a tank for "J" on my way home from work on Friday. I love being in high places so took some photos while I was up there (wouldn't normally take camera up on tank stand) Love shadow shot. Makes me look strong.....
Ground tank that the high tank over flows into. Very inviting water as it was quite warm. Shelley (the dog) didn't need any encouragement to go swimming.....

One cheeky little chicken - This little chicken is the one I showed you on previous posts. Hasn't it grown and become adventerous. "It" (still don't know what sex it is) kept fling up to this plant while I was supervising the girls in the pool. Don't know if "It" will stay in house yard much longer if it continues to do this to "H" plants.......

New additions to the house yard - They are lamb marking out here at the moment and these four lambs didn't have mums so "H" is letting them stay in the house yard until they are big enough to look after themselves. The girls think it is great - one each and all have names - from left - Puff-ball, Lucy and Petals. Lambs are cute but they grow up - Like all baby animals.
Rainbow Bee-eaters.
At the moment there are rainbow Bee-eaters living near the house where I work. Whiole I am supervising the girls in the pool (in afternoon) they come and play near the house. They are so relaxing to watch and listen to. The bird book desribes their call as a "sweet Prrrp, Prrrp".

I caught this one sitting in the top of the tree calling out to it's mates, I then tired to capture them flying around, as two were having lots of fun yesterday afternoon chasing each other around. The bottom two pictures is what I caught on camera - they were very fast....

One very fat lizard

Saw this lizard yesterday afternoon. Have decided it is the girl one out of the pair that I saw (other one to quick for camera) as she was twice the size. Either it is eating really well or she is about ready to drop her eggs. Hopefully she doesn't lay them under the schoolroom - I like them but don't like them that much.

CREATIVE EVERYDAY WEEK 20th to 26th October

Have joined the Creative Every Day Week. It started yesterday so am including yesterday creativity and today's.

While supervising the girls in the pool yesterday I had some fun with my water colour paints (which I haven't used for ages)very abstract but I like it. It is the view I have while watching the girls.

I thought my Purple Elephant needed a friend so today I made him a Pink Giraffe to keep him company. Both are made out of plasticine.

More Creativity tomorrow - what will it be?????

Enjoy the rest of Tuesday.....

Monday, October 20

Mad Monday

Was going to post some more photos today but just don't have the technology time to do so - will post when I can.
Have lots of photos to show of things that have been happening around here.
Three new additions to the work house hold - four legged additions
Tried taking photos of rainbow birds as they were playing this afternoon - had some luck but not as much luck as I wanted.
Very Hot today nearly warm enough for me to be swimming but not quite.

Time to go walking before it gets to dark.
Till next time
Keep Smiling

Sunday, October 19

Love Technology

Morning Everyone - it's Sunday already....My weekend is nearly over......
I tried to post some photos on Friday and Saturday of me up on a tank stand - but my silly computer wouldn't allow me to. I am trying this morning but I have only managed to get my motor bike potos up and it won't let me put any more on... So I will have to wait till Monday to put upthe rest of my photos.
These ones are in a goat paddock where "J" works - he is trying to get the "smart" goats out so that he can start putting other goats in. We had 20 as we went down the fence line and when we got to the yards we had 4. They are very cunning goats.

My bike tracks look like I have been drinking - but I had to stay back from the goats while "J" went into the scrub to bring out more and I had to keep moving as the goats were moving but had to be slow enough so as not to ride in front of the ones "j" was bringing out. Hence the very twisty tracks.

Have tried again to up load photos and no such luck - internet connection playing up so will upload more photos from weekend on Monday.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday
I am off to spend it with some friends that I haven't seen for a while.

Friday, October 17

Romantic Sunset........

Yesterday "H" was lighting fires. We thought as a treat for the girls we would cook marshmallows after tea. The middle girl said how romantic it was - "W" ("H" husband) replied Husband, wife, three girls and govie - real romantic........
Wasn't romantic but was very relaxing.
Some photos from the evening -
Sun setting over huts and windmill.

Fantastic shot of my champaign and mangos that we were enjoying while the girls roasted marshmallows. So love this shot...Major fluke of a shot.....

Burning marshmallows on the coals....
To form the perfect marshmallow - soft, sticky and slightly burnt..YUMMY
Had better be going - Can't believe week one has already gone by..


Wednesday, October 15

My challenge project

Here is my challengw page.
I have it easy at the moment as the journal I am using is only 10 x 14 cm.
I have used a 1 1/4 inch square punch to make my squares.

My topic was CREATE WITH - it is a mosaic collage of all the things I like to create with when I am creating.

Enjoy the rest of your day.....

Good Morning Wednesday

What a change in temperature.... This morning we are in our jumpers after yesterday swimming in the pool??? I do not understand the weather but I wish it would make up it's mind as to what tempatures it is giving us - preferbly this tempature.
Have been busy with my camera yesterday - batteries are now flat so photos will be limited as I have to share the school camera batteries. :-(

Have lots of eggs at the moment as family have been away for three weeks so made a pav for desert last night YUMMY

I like to cook but I also don't like to cook...

Girls and "H" and "W" were very impressed with the pav. I was too.

Like my art work on the pav? Felt like being creative. Mango, strawberries and kiwi mmmmmm

I was also a bit of a fire bug yesterday. Where we walk into the school room there is a fence that was covered with rolly polly. Yesterday when I walked through a rustle in the dead leaves frightened me so after school I put a match to it. Porbably shouldn't have as it was very windy but I don't like not being able to see, and seeing as it is warming up, I want to beable to see any reptiles that may come near.




The moon at the moment is full so it is really bright. Tried to take apicture if it last night but must have been a bit to dark as it went fuzzy - flash made it go totally yuck.

The one I took this morning was much better - bright orange ball.

I posted a while back a white flwoer that was out the front of the house where I work. Well here is another one that is flowering. I wish I had been here over the three weeks cause there are six dried up ones which would have looked cool.

Said I was going to put up a challange today - here it is

Challenge one -

On a layout, in your scrap journal, on a canvas or as a mini book

Create a mosaic collage of your favourite topic using squares no bigger the 5cm by 5cm- this can either be done buy cutting the square out of magazines, cutting squares out of paper then drawing on the squares or a mixture of the two.

Will post my work later as I haven't time at the moment.

Let me know how you go with the challenge.

Happy Wednesday