Monday, October 6

Another idea

While playing on the computer as I do at work (So much quicker then my computer at home) I have decided that as part of my "Week In a Life" I would include the word of the day from as they have some really cool and strange words.

So here are the last three days Today's word isn't up yet.

Friday 3rd October
littoral \LIH-tuh-rul\, adjective:1. Of, relating to, or on a coastal or shore region, especially a seashore.
noun:1. A coastal region, especially the zone between the limits of high and low tides.

Saturday 4th October
volte-face \vawlt-FAHS; vawl-tuh-\, noun:An about-face; a reversal, as in policy or opinion.

Sunday 5th October
rubicund \ROO-bih-kund\, adjective:Inclining to redness; ruddy; red.

Another thing I forgot to add on my Monday entry which I can't believe that I have forgotten to include - On the way to work with "J" this morning we saw three female fallow deers near town. They were running away as we drove past and I was unable to get a phot but I love watching them run - they are so graceful.

Nearly finished my work so will be heading home.

Will add more tomorrow morning.
Bye for now

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