Thursday, August 28


Here are some of my paintings with inks from my course this morning.

I really enjoy painting with inks espically with the pastels. (didn't do any of that today though)

I did this picture with the end of a paint brush. I like it as I found it really relaxing. There is no picture in it just relaxing marks.

This technique is called layering and I don't like it. I have tried it and still don't like it. But you aren't suppose to like all art techniques. It would make for a boring life.

This picture / painting is called "E Patterns" We jsut had to fill an area with patterns using different items.

Why is it that Black and White is always so appealing even when there is nothing really there??

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

Morning Thursday

HI Everyone

Couldn't post anything yesterday as we got a new school computer.

Just for reference - I am a governess who teaches three girls on their property not far from where I live. I love my job.

Thanks for the feed back guys.


This is something you should try as a challenge. It's not easy.

Tuesday, August 26

Sun Rises

I am experimenting with ink and pastels at the moment.
Am having fun.

Creative Every Day Week

I have joined in the challenge that Leah as put on her webpage

It is to create something every day for the whole week.

After a walk with the girls I look after My creative juices started

to flow and have a couple of projects that I started. Will post when

I finish them.

I also joined her Creative Every Day Month challenge which starts in

November. That will be a challenge.

I did this little picture yesterday. I have seen people extend pictures

before and decided to try it for myself.

Will add today's creative work later today if I have time.

Happy creating

Monday, August 25

Saturday, August 23

Who's looking at me

J, found this skink while he was working and wants to know what sort he/she is.
So until I work out what it's name is I have this looking at me.

Purple Elephants

One of the girls I look after had to make animals with plasticine.

I was asked to make an elephant for her.

It's almost life like - well apart from the colour :-)

Flowers by memory

At the moment there are lots of Gumtrees flowering as well as lots of dessertpea flowering as well.

I did these two doodles of them on the way to work with J.

It was a miserable day and I needed something colourful in my day.

Beauty of nature

While walking yesterday one of the children I look after collected these flowers for me. She picked as many different colours as she could.

I love the colours of NATURE.

Thursday, August 21

Being Artistic

I have enrolled in a basic inks course through the school computer.

It is not what I expected it to be.

This picture is suppose to be a picture of different mediums used in a layering technique.

It is the vase of dried gum flowers and yellow daisies on my desk in the school room. (Trying to hurry spring along.)

I really like my sunset picture. It came together so easily

Lots more experimenting to come.


I finally have a blog of my own.
Don't know when I will find the time to add to it but some how I will.

Have lots of ideas of what I will post but not today.
Lunch time and then rest to hopefully get over my cold.