Thursday, September 25

RELAXING WEEKEND looking at artwork

HI everyone, Didn't write last night due to this horrible flu thing that I have. It just takes all of my energy out of me.
I half finished my cleaning of my scrap corner. You can now see the floor - but can't see the spare bed or the desk. At the moment I am sitting on the floor typing this.

Had an amazing time away in Mudge with the family over the weekend. Saw lots of eye opening artwork. It is Mudge's main tourist time at the moment and all the shop windows show case so of the local artists work. Three lots of work that grab my attention were -

VERONICA BURNS - She is a glass artist. (google her name to see some of her work) She makes plates out of glass by heating them to 790 c then pouring it into moulds. She mixes colours and different textures into her work.

I can't remember who did what but I also liked - HELEN DOBLE and JAN IRVINE NEALIE - one of them makes wall hangings out of felt and the other paints picturesonto material them sews stiches through it, to make the picture stand out.

There were lots of other artists who I enjoyed looking at but these three stood out.

Not much else to write about at the moment. I am going to pamper myself and maybe it will make me feel better.

Till next time


Wednesday, September 24

Busy Busy Busy

Hi everyone.
Why is it when it comes to holidays which are suppose to be relaxing and enjoyable they always turn out to be busy??
I am on holidays for the next three weeks. I am not going anywhere (though I have just come back from a relaxing weekend away with J and my family) and I seem to have a list longer then my arm that needs to be done. First thing on the list is detoxicing my scrap booking corner/room. At the moment you can not see the floor or the desk for that matter.
Have lots to write about but need to clean room and find everything. Will try to post things later this afternoon but if I don't, I will still be under a pile of craft items trying to sort them out.
'M' - yes you can have the photo. Will get your email off 'G' and will try to send it today but more likely tomorrow. Did you get any good shots? Also can I have a password to access your blog. Thanks
Happy Wednesday
Enjoy the rest of your day.

Tuesday, September 16


Yesterday The girls H and I did some tie dying. Bright Pink........ I am not normally a pink person but that was the colour of the girls curtains so that is what colour dye we used.

This is the one that I put the rubber bands on. It didn't turn out how I expected.

These are all of the finished projects. I like them all but the spider web effect one the most. Might have to do that to my shirt.

I love how they always turn out different even though you use the same technique.

Hopefully "H" will find some white cotton shirts for the girls while she is away so that we can do some more tie dying. I think I will have to find myself a white shirt as well.

This is how the curtians turned out - the photo is a bit blurred as I took it at night time without the flash on. The darker flowers are the pattern on the curtian and the lighter flowers are the ones shining through from the light.
I like how they turned out. "H" has put them back into the girls room and they look very pink.

Coming soon - I will be putting up small challenges for you to do. They will cover a variety of areas in the artistic world.

You can do them for yourself or leave a comment so I know what you thought of them.

I will be posting my takes of the challenge for you all to see.

If you have any ideas for challenges let me know and I will include them.

Have a great rest of the day.

Scrapbooking Projects

I don't have all the projects that I did over the weekend to upload and show you as some have photos of people on them but these few photos and one journal page show what the weekend was like. - DUST LOTS OF DUST
Talk about DUST the majority of Saturday it blew. It was just a very fine mist of dust but you could feel and see it all through the projects we were working on. Being in a wool shed probably didn't help...but that is where we were for the scrapbooking weekend. The above photo is of the dust that was blowing across the sheep yards and then into the shed. YUCK.
Even though the dust was Yuck in the shed it made for some great sunset shots. The following is two pages out of my journal showing the colours in the sunset after the dust had sort of eased off.

These are two cards which I made while at my scrap booking weekend. Thanks "J" for showing us the stamp sets and what we can do with them.

I am not a stamp person but I did enjoy making these two cards - both of which have already been written in and sent onto friends.
At the moment the girls, H (my boss) and I are tye dying. The main reason was to re dye the girls curtains in their room but I couldn't help myself so we all tye dyed some material that H is going to turn into bags for the girls.
Will scan and show the results tomorrow.
Happy Tuesday

Monday, September 15


It is Horrible, It is Disgusting, It is just foul.

At the moment there is a dust storm happening. It has been on the horizon since smoko this morning but just before lunch it decided to hit.

I have lots of things to show from my scrap booking weekend but due to dust I am on a different computer and don't have my things I want to show.

Hopefully tomorrow we won't have the dust - surely after three days we can have a break from it. Fingers, toes, legs and arms are all crossed - hoping it will go away. And then I will beable to put up the things I want to show you.

till next time - without dust in my eyes, ears, hair, mouth and nose


Thursday, September 11

Nature Photos 3 of 3 Hopefully

My Photos finally decided to upload for me.
Aren't they beautiful.
I Love Sturt Desert Peas.

Nature Photos 3 of 3

For some reason my photos will not up load . Will upload photos later.
This is one wild flower that I could quite happily sit and look at all day.
The boldness of the black and red flowers.
The striking pose that they grow in.
Everything about them, I just Love.
I love the way that they stand out against the dried rolly polly and the red sand.
The middle girl I look after said that there were hundreds of flowers.....

Nature Photos 2 of 3

This flower is one that my Friend has growing in her Pot Plant Garden near the front door. The plant that it is on was suppose to be dead as three different dogs sat in the pot plant and dug it up. But it has come back in a thick mass of leaves with this one white flower.

I am happy with the way the photo turned out as it is in a spot that doesn't have the sun when I am there (I am in the school room teaching) so I didn't think it would turn out.

Nature Photos 1 of 3


While walking with the girls we came across these two guys.
They didn't run away on us so I was able to get these really cool upclose photos of them.
Don't know what sort they are but I love the markings on them.

Wednesday, September 10


I was having a look at at previous words of the day and found this one and liked the example that they gave of the word.

fallible \FAL-uh-bul\, adjective:
1. Liable to make a mistake.
2. Liable to be inaccurate or erroneous.

But human beings are fallible. We know we all make mistakes.-- Robert S. McNamara, "et al.", Argument Without End

I like the part - Argument without End. It is so true when you think about it.

Othere words that I like are:

virago \vuh-RAH-go; vuh-RAY-go\, noun:
1. A woman of extraordinary stature, strength, and courage.
2. A woman regarded as loud, scolding, ill-tempered, quarrelsome, or overbearing.

Sounds like me some days

comestible \kuh-MES-tuh-buhl\, adjective:
1. Suitable to be eaten; edible.

1. Something suitable to be eaten; food.

There are some strange words in our language.

Till next time

More ink work

It feels so long since I have been creative in any way. But that will change this weekend as I will be attending a scrap book retreat. Hopefully I will complete lots of creative work and be able to post it next week.

Here are some more ink works that I have been experimenting with.

The first two are washes.
I have tried to recreate the storm clouds that I saw on the horizon when I was traveling home. It didn't turn out how I would have liked but I still like it.

This one I like. I drew circles all over the page and then filled in the areas with different shades of the ink. I think it is really affective.

This last one is a resist with glitter. I had a couple of glitter tubes sitting on the desk and thought I would experiment. It didn't turn out like I thought it would. It is a different affect.

I have been looking through google images looking at different ink techniques and have found that you can use anything with inks.

I really enjoy using pastels with the inks as they are easy to use and add colour where I want it.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 2

Creative things from last week

Finally have time to put my creative things up from lasts week Creative Everyday Challenge by Leah.

Here are my creations.

The fence post drawing is using the same one as i have posted before where I extend the picture. This time though I extended it onto an overhead projector not the page. Something different. I am going to write around the original picture later on.

The flowers that are stamped are the first page in my new journal that I write. Just a way to welcome in Spring.

These flowers were created be me tracing pictures in magazines which have things to do with spring. I normally make square patterns with a theme - food, clothes, accessories so thought why not a cirlce one for spring.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Will post more when I have more to post.

Monday, September 1


Hello Spring
What a lovely day it is today, (Apart from the snake near the house)
Have been busy and haven't had time to post things. Will post things tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the beautiful Spring Day