Tuesday, October 28

Is there such a thing as a "NORMAL DAY"

Gotta Love technology - can't really complain as it works when it wants to - not necessarliy when it suits me...
Couple of creativness from last weeks creativity.
I created this page in my journal that I am using at the moment. "H" was throwing out the puzzle pieces and I thought I could do something with them - this is what I ended up with - each puzzle piece has things about me then in amoungst the pieces I have doodled pictures. I am happy with how it turned out.

I had made these clay pieces a while back. I painted them on Friday and now they are sitting on my desk.

The banana was created for "Cheeky" - the school room mascot and guard monkey - the girls thought he would get hungry over the weekends so I made the banana for him - the girls think that Cheeky likes his banana...What do you think

The roses that I had photographed last week had started to die off so I trimmed them all off, for "H" - I kept the petals so the girls and I can make something with the once they have dried out - I was taking all the middle pieces out and dropping them into the bucket - this is what I saw when I had finished - don't know why but looking at this seemed to be relaxing for me.

Rose Petals - I sat out the front of the house at work and kept running my hand through the petals listening to the rainbow birds calling out to each other and watching the day come to an end - It was soooo relaxing.

Didn't do any on Saturday or Sunday as I didn't have the time - I was home for a total of 4 hours (not including sleeping time) over the whole weekend - doesn't allow time for creativity - espically when house work needs to be done.

The girls found a bat in the pool this afternoon while they were swimming. I am not a fan of bats but I couldn't let the little thing drown. After he had dried off the girls let him go - they wanted him for a pet and both "H" and I said NO!!!

Had better go and do some work
Till next time

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