Saturday, November 29

All in one day

What a Friday!!!
We had all tpyes of weather in the one day.
First:- hot and sticky (very humid)
Second:- strong winds that we just annoying - didn't do any major damage that I know of but was hard to walk and drive in.
Thrid:- Dust, Red dust.
Fourth:- Cold weather and cool breezes
Fifth:- Heavy rain drops - very quick showers
Sixth:- Hail - very small stones, very quick shower
Seventh:- Clear Blue skies
Eighth:- Storm clouds with lightning show

Here are some photos that I took of the dust strom.

The Dust storm front moving in.

Very Close Dust Storm Front - very strong winds

Driving in the storm - was very surprised at how still it was compared to before the storm hit.

Look at how red the dust is - no photo enhancing needed that is the colour of the dust.

Shelley's Puppies
They are nearly a week old and look at how much they have grown. When I last wrote I said that Shelley had six well she had another one on Monday while I was at work - so in total she had 4 girls and 3 boys.
They are still soo cute.
Seven hungry little puppies.

I love how their eyes are all squished up and closed, and their little pink noses.
This one is my favourite one so far - I just like the colours. Plus it is the runt of the litter.

A Rainbow to finish off the day - after the hail strom (not really a hail storm) went over we were greeted with this sight.

Well that's it for the moment

Hopefully I will have more time later to post my AEDM items - Dust storm photos are Friday's items.

I can't believe that is only 27 days till Christams - where has the year gone??

Happy creating everyone



Neek said...

wow - what a day. We just had the steamy part, the rain part, the wind part and more rain.

My Dad at Carinda is the one that coped it big time. Lost the roof of a fair whack of the house etc... :)

Leah said...

oh my goodness, the pups are so precious! congrats!

Carol Cooper said...

Your storm photos are awesome (and scary) at the same time. And your mama dog and puppies are simply darling!! :o)

Jul said...

I love weather days like that! So dramatic. Good job capturing it.