Monday, November 17

Busy Weekend

HI Everyone
Well I had a busier weekend then I thought I would so didn't get time to create or do anything for AEDM. :-(
But I did get to take these to beautiful photos - one of the sun setting as we came back from a friends property

And this rainbow while we were having drinks with our friends. It didn't rain but we had this beautiful rainbow instead.

Some odds and ends -
These butterflies were the start to my butterfly collage (which I still haven't finished - it is sitting on my desk looking at me while I type this)
Butterflies are made out of little river mussle shells and the bodies are nature bits that I picked up while looking at the shells.

This art work - "Building of a Stormy Night" is an experiment that my painting teacher asked us to do. I have created this painting with paint that has been mixed with sand.
I love the 3D affect that the sand gives the paint (hopefully you can see it in the pictures) it was different painting with sand. But something I will be trying again.

Well that's it for now - don't know if I will be able to post during the week as won't have my normal computer (staying at "H" mum's place) so my AEDM might have to wait until the weekend.
Time will tell.
Have a great week of creating
Hope it rains - weather report says it is going to.........
Time will tell


Leah said...

those photos definitely count as creations for aedm in my book!!

Jul said...

It must be sand week, since we worked with sand and paint the other day in my art class, too.

And those photos are scrumptious!