Tuesday, November 11

My Busy Life

My life seems to be very busy at the moment. Probably due to the fact that it is only 4 weeks until the school year has finished and I have to make sure all work is completed by then....... Or maybe becasue I have TAFE assessments to get done that I just keep putting off as I just don't like them.....Or maybe because it is nearly the end of another year which means I need to start thinking about christmas and all things to do with it......Or maybe it is all in my mind.....Which ever it is I wish it would slow down so I can enjoy myself..

Was asked about my inchy by inch square of knitting - it didn't take very long at all to do - being so small - small needles and a love of knitting is why I created it. Would not recomend it to anyone starting out knitting....... :-)

I like my knitted inchy and have thought about it some more and have decided I am going to make a knitted square - 12 inches by 12 inches using different types of fibre that I have on hand... Each square being an inch by inch... Won't be any time soon as have everything else more important to do at the moment but will slowly work on it.

No AEDM items today as it is a working progress - am painting a grey scale shadow picture - not quite finished it.


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