Sunday, November 23

Relaxing Weekend

Couple of quick photos from the weekend.
Look at how fat my dog is. I was hoping she would have her puppies this weekend but no such luck (unless she has them tonight) Wasn't wanting her to have puppies but now she is I am kind of excited about it.
She can still jump up for a cuddle with some troubles...
Putting our feet up and relaxing, we don't do this very often so when we do we enjoy ourselves.

No problems about haveing my two serves of fruit today - 700ml of mango and passionfruit - YUMMY

Experimented with some old printer ink cartridges today - made prints then left on plastic cover sheets - don't know what I will do with these.. Any ideas?

I won't have access to the computer again so willhave to wait until Friday before I post my AEDM items - only one week left :-(

Till Friday Happy creating


1 comment:

Jul said...

Love the patterns on the plastic sheets! My first idea for what to do with them: get an overhead projector and project the images on the wall. Mot the most practical suggestion, I know. :)