Monday, November 10

Back in the land of Computers

Hello everyone
It feels like ages since I have added to my blog but it has only been a week.
Lots of art work for this entry - Art Every Day Month has started so here are my works.

Saturday 1st - On this day I started making teddy cards - I finished them on Sunday so look further down for picture of them.

Sunday 2nd - I made butterflies out of small mussel shells - The glue still hasn't set but will show picture when I can.

Monday 3rd - two colours I don't normally use together - lime and peach - interesting affects

Tuesday 4th - just doodles with oil pastels - was at school camp and had some free time while supervising so borrowed the schools pastels and had fun.

Wednesday 5th - tree drawing with oil pastels (same as Tuesday had some free time) - love how you can blend with these.

Thursday 6th - The youngest girl I look after was making bugs with wire at the school camp so I made one as well.

Also wrote some poetry today - haven't finalised it - working progress - will blog when have finished it.

Friday 7th - worked on Christmas inchies for swap - will not post as don't want to spoil the surprise at the other end..

Saturday 8th - Finished all of my teddy cards today - Made these two as extras - will be pinned on my board after I add a quote.

Sunday 9th - Finished my inchies and ATC's for my Christmas swap - again will not be posting as it will spoil the surprise.
Now for today Monday 10th - I am knitting today - hopefully I will finish what I am making so I can show you all tomorrow.
Happy Creating
It's great to be back on line.

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Leah said...

those teddy bears are adorable! and i like the lime and peach together. very cool!