Saturday, November 15

It's the weekend

HI everyone,
No AEDM posts from yesterday or today as I haven't finished what I am working on - will post them once I have.

Very steamy here today - hopefully it might rain but that is only wishful thinking..
These modelling clay animals are some I made early in the month - they are going to live in the school room along with the elephant and giraffe (see past posts)
We have - an orange echinda, a red mouse, a green goat, a red mouse head, a black leopard, a yellow swn, a blue pig, a purple pegiun and a white polar bear.

This shot is one of the beautiful shoots I took while out driving last weekend with "J". I think it looks like a comet entering our atmosphere but really it is just the sun and the split in the clouds.

Hopefully I will beable to finish my art work sometime this weekend and will post when I can.

Happy Weekend

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