Saturday, November 22


Hi Everyone,
Well it's Saturday afternoon, and I am finally sitting down to post all of my art and photos from the week. I was hopeing to do it this morning but I didn't get out of bed until 12.30.
It is a really fool day here today - very strong winds which is bringing dust with it so it isn't much fun begining out side - hence the fact I stayed in bed and watched a couple of DVD's and slept some more.
This is the new addition to the house -it's name is Mouse - and it is a carpet snake. A friend of ours had it in their sheep dip pit and "J" decided he wanted one so when it grows up it will be able to eat the mice that are about - hence the name Mouse.
It is the size of my pinky finger and wouldn't be any longer than a 30cm ruler so it is only a baby one. When it gets bigger it will live in the shed.

Have been busy this last week with AEDM items creating two items each day some times more.
So scroll down and have a look...

Monday 17th - AEDM items
Painted this chair while the girls were swimming - painted it with water paints - then due to the storms and the humidty it didn't dry unitl Thursday.....
Found this saying in a scrap booking magazine - Be like a postage stamp... Stick to one thing until you get there - have decided I should try and do that as I have everything going at once and then can't seem to get anything completed.
Tuesday 18th - AEDM items
Today due to the rain and the humidty I didn't do any paintings so I took photos of the flowers with rain drops on them instead. I love the way the drops stay on the flowers. Am going to try and recreate these photos in either a drawing or painting next week.

Wednesdaay 19th - AEDM items

Did these paintings while the girls were swimming.
The purple ones I finger painted. Haven't finished it yet but thought I would show a work in progress picture - am hopeing to make it 3D by adding craft items to it.

This yellow one is an abstract of a flower that I picked out of the garden where I was staying this week.
Also completed my inchy's this week - the theme was from last week - MUSIC - I couldn't make up my mind what I should do so I created three inchies so I could include the piano keys along the bottom.

You can't see it very clearly but I created this picture on the tin out of a large milo tin. I drew the picture free hand on one side thenturned it over so the picture you see is of the raised side. I created this due to all the frogs that were talking to each other when I was trying to sleep. So this was created around 10pm.
Finished three more knitted teddy bears this week - these ones are for the girls I look after - Bluey, Polar and Pinky. Thanks Mum for sewing them up for me :-)
One of the girls I look after got a bit of a fright when she saw this lizard in the bush next to her. It was so patient while i went and got my camera.

Thursday 20th - AEDM items

Saw this circle art work on the AEDM website and looked into it some more - they are called Mandalas which is where you draw a circle they fill it in however you are feeling at the time. Well I started mine of with the base colours then I saw a perfect circle spider web so included that over the top of my colours. It is something that I will be trying again.
Some flowers and butterflies made from the wire of the champaign bottles that we had this week. "H" and her mum think it's funny - I am always doing something with my hands. Never throwing any scraps out.....

Friday 21st - AEDM items
Another mandala - I created this one on a laminating sheet - I drew on the inside then laminated it. - It is now hanging on my window and the sun catches it and shows a little colour as it shines through.
Had a little free time on Friday so decided just to draw - have had these stickers stuck in my book for a while now and decided they needed a background.

Well that's it for today hopefully will post my AEDM item for day and tomorrow on Sunday.
Till then HAppy


Leah said...

great work, emma! you're on a roll!!! i love the flower paintings and the little bears!

Neek said...

Oh my you have been busy! Cannot say I agree to a snake living around..... a snake is a snake no matter how harmless! Your a brave lady!