Thursday, April 29

A bit of everything

Being Creative with Tigger today...

First Off - The view I had this morning while having my coffee...
I love mail days - espically when big boxes arrive, catalogues and magazines with no bills to be seen.
This is the cross stitch pattern that was on the front of the Fox Collection Catalogue. I would so love to have this hanging in my house but I don't think I would have the time or paticence to complete it.

Had a look at the Creative Every Day Website and this months theme was the five senses. I wish I had more time with this theme as I love to journal/record things using my senses. Here is a part of my journalling from my daily journal.
Evening walk thorugh my Five Senses.
Smell - the smell of still water that is starting to have an algae smell to it, the smoke from the wood fires that are starting to be lit due to the cooler weather.
Sound - kookaburras laughing out loud as I walk past, the crickets moving in the grass
Touch - the cool night air starting to drift in amoung the trees, the mozzies that are stinging me as I walk along
Sight - blue, purple, pink, orange sky always changing as the sunsets, birds flying from tree to tree settling down for the night
Taste - the coolness in the air with a smokey taste about it, the fly that flew in my mouth much to my disgust......
Next months theme is - Intuition........
The Next Pictures are all to do with the Class "Tell your Story" so all credits go to Elise and Rachel. I am enjoying this class as it has already made me try new things I wouldn't normally do.
Material Covered Tell your story Journal cover. (My idea not the classes)
I have seen this done before and have never tried it because I thought it would be hard. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but it wasn't easy either.

The material is some of the stuff that I had tie dyed myself. This is my favourite colour combo.
Inside cover and first page
First Prompt -

Journalling reads - Hi my name is Emma Boede. I love to live each day to it's fullest capacity. Whether it be working hard, studying or letting my creative juices flow. Each day my goals change but as long as I achieve something each day, the day has not been wasted.

Second Prompt -
Journalling reads - Today felt, magical and full of adventure.....I only went to work and caught up with friends......must be the magic of the full moon.

Prompt three -
Pictures from my daily journal now
Same sunrise three different camera settings. I love how the same scene can change colour depending on what your camera is set on.

My May Journal - I liked the material covered look so covered my next months daily journal book with another piece of material that I tie dyed.
Well that's it for this post.
Had better go and do some study seeing as I spent the morning being creative. (recieved my first essay back and pasted so am happy)
Till Next Time
Happy Creating

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Beautiful nature pictures on your blog Emma ! Nadine from Belgium