Sunday, April 25

ANZAC DAY - Lest we forget.

ANZAC DAY - a day to remember those who have fort for us in wars across the world. Take time out today to remember those who have fallen for us.
We didn't have a dawn service today but will be remembering those in our service this afternoon at five.
Went to the Bourke Show yesterday. Very disappointed. I must admit it was late afternoon when I went but it just ...... Don't know what to call it but apart from finding out how my art work went I was disappointed
I did bring three trees home which I was given. So I am now thinking about where I am going to plant them.
Here are my art works that I entered in the fine arts section - three thirds out of four entries - I am happy with the results.
This one recieved fifth out of seven.

Well that's it for this entry

Till next time

Happy Creating

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