Monday, April 26

Week In A Life Finished

Here are the last of my Week In My Life entires. I still haven't written on them but I will when I have more time..... When ever that will be.....

Saturday 24th April -
The page is blank as I forgot to print out my photos that I put in the show and I will be sticking the certificates in here as well. The ribbons will go in the box along with the other ones I have received.

Found the dog in the pictures walking along the road when we came home from Bourke. Luckly Jason knew who owned it so we could return her.

I love StarBurst Lollies and I am loving how they have done their packaging to sponsor Camp Quality.

Sunday 25th April - ANZAC DAY - Lest We Forget.
Went to the local evening service. There was a good crowd which was good.

Sunday Morning was spent planting my new trees/srubs that I picked up at the show. One is a Bottle Brush mauve in colour, One is a Showy Honey Murtle with cream flowers and the other is a Hairy Wattle which is bright yellow so hopefully if the all survive I will have a very colourful garden.
I also planted some vegies and used up the sunflower seeds.

We now have a new cool room at the Tennis/community shed. The cool room will be very helpful when it comes to catering for rallies and our local events.

I have also finished my first page layout for "Tell Your Story" which starts tomorrow. I am looking forward to this on line class. I don't know how I will go with keeping up with all the pages the two girls have planned along with my studies and work but I will see how I go.

Not exactly how they said to do the pages but I didn't have some of the items and seeing as I am not buying anything new and want to use up what is in my craft drawers (item number 1 on my 26 things list) so I improvised a bit.

Well that's it for today. washing machine is beeping at me so had better go hang out the clothes.

Till Next Time

Happy Creating

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