Friday, January 23


It is 14 after midnight. So it is my birthday (only just). I am 25 to day or as a few people are telling me I'm half way to Fifty. Have not long come back from the pub and am not really tired so thought I would update my postings as I have been away and haven't done so for some time.

If you look closly in this self portrait you can see the two marks on my nose. I hit myself with the gun scope. BOY did it hurt - brought tears to my eyes, I think I might have damaged some part of my nose as it is still sore after 10 days.

Where do I start?????? I have done so much "STUFF" in the last eight days I don't really know where to start. Let me just have a bit of a think.......

First thing after looking at myphotos and scrap journal would have to be the spectaular, breath taking, amazing, unbelieveable lighting show we had here on Thursday night. Jason and I sat and watched the storms build up for over three hours. Unfortuntenly we only recieved 36 points (9mls) It built up again tonight but we only got dust no lighting.
This is one of the better shots I took of the show. 100 photos (contingous shooting) and I have 20 good ones so am ery happy with myself. :-)
Now onto all the STUFF I have been doing. I don't think I will write about the "stuff" unless I think it needs explaining. So here goes

STUFF ONE:- Devils Claw Sculpture (don't know it's proper name but that's what I call it)
Where I work they have devils claw which is a weed that gets stuck in the sheep and on everything else I found a heap of them while I was out walking and I wanted to make a sculpture with them. So here it is

As you can see it has a seed pod and then two really long claws coming out of it. The end of the claws are very sharp hooks that catch onto the sheep as they walk past.

STUUF TWO:- Paper Flowers
I have made these to put in the school room as my desk arrangement.


Did some stamping with the children - only had silver ink so we coloured them in with textas.

STUFF FIVE:- Pink Mouse and Beaded Key Ring
Made the mouse cause I thought he was cute. The key ring is now on my scrap journal to give it a bit of colour.
STUFF SIX:- Water Ballon Painting
Saw this done on a movie and wanted to try it - filled water ballons with ink and then popped the balloons. Didn't work out as well as I had wanted (need thicker paint) but had fun creating the art work - try filling water balloons with paint and you will know what I mean.

One of the children wanted a bomb to go with his rabbit and mouse that we had been making - we didn't have a pattern for him to follow so I created one. I think he turned out alright.
(Date is in correct - didn't realise it was turned on to print on photos)

STUFF EIGHT:- More Necklaces.

Well that's it for my "STUFF" I have been having lots of fun just PLAYING with different things.
Leah has put up the new month challenge for CED and it is "WORDS". It will interesting to see how people use this challenge.
Any way I am now off to bed. I am going fishing for my birthday (there is a Carp Muster on here in town - you catch Carp and then you go into the draw to win prizes. For those of you who don't know Carp aren't a very good fish to have in the river they eat all the food and they are not native to Australia) so hopefully I might win something.
Till I write again


Leah said...

First off, happy birthday to you!!!

Secondly, you are a creative dynamo, girl!! I love seeing all the wonderful things you are up to. Love it. - the Creative Goddess said...

Happy, happy birthday Goddess Emma!
I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating gorgeous you ~ I'm so gld you were born.
Goddess Leonie

Jul said...

Wow have you been busy! Great stuff. Happy belated birthday!