Saturday, January 10

Art Work and Puppies

Guten Tag (Hello) everyone,
Well I finally sat down yesterday and played creativily - I should have done this earlier on this year as it was quite relaxing. I experimented with my art work - or played with some ideas.
The first was painting on mirrors. I had some cheap mirror squares that I wanted to put up - they aren't clear enough to see yourself in so I thought about painting on them.
These were the results -
I painted my word onto the mirrors - I can look at the word and "reflect" on how I have used it in my days.
I also did a nine square wall collage - I painted, inked and drew - leaves, flowers and a insect - then stuck them on cardboard then onto the wall. Depending on the time of day different parts shine onto the other walls making patterns - somethng I wasn't expecting.
While in town the other day I found a mini badge maker and I couldn't help myself I had to buy one. I created these badges then clipped them onto my "found" silver dress necklace - Jason reckons I look like a "hippie"....

I am also trying another painting which is a work in progress - I found it in a activity book to do with children - Wet then freeze a piece of paper - take it out and paint on it - place more water on top freeze again - paint another layer - repeat until the painting is finished - defrost paper and then leave to dry. Am up to my third layer today - am working with water paints, water pencils and water crayons to create layers.
Now for some cute photos
"I am coming out to play" (Coco)
"Enough swimming! We want out!!" (Oates and Coco)
"What!! We weren't going to wake Mum up." (ChowChow, Coco and Oates)
"I've had enough playing today. Bye" (Coco)

Well that's it for now.

Might go and paint my next ice layer.

Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye)

Happy Creating

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