Thursday, January 8

My New/Rearranged Scrap/spare room

Well it has only taken me 8 days but I have finally finished rearranging my scrap/spare room and I can now see the floor :-)
Couple of photos to show you.....
This is as you walk in the door.....

Looking into the room....

There is so much natural light in this room that it makes it so enjoyable to be in here.

My Computer desk and pinboards and art work that I Love....
- My pin boards were empty when I started cleaning my room - I decided it being a new year I would start a fresh - well it didn't take long for me to find things to pin up that inspire me and make me happy.
- I am into flowers at the moment so I have lots of vases of fake flowers around my area - the big ones behind the computer are the ones that Jason bought for me for Christmas - He said that real ones won't last so will these do? - Boy - do I love Him
My scrapjournalling and craft table...... - The wooden slate at the back has all my dried roses hanging on it - I don't like fresh roses but I do like them dried - don't have any roses growing myself but myGrandmother has lots of them and she doesn't mind me picking and drying them
- Not very clear but next to the teddy bears on the left hand side of the desk are four triangle shaped jars that my other Grandmother gave me - Trudy (sister) said that they would look good filled with a mixture of lollies - Thanks for the idea Trudy - it has red frogs and chicko babies in the two smaller ones and in the middle size it has a mixture of Sherbets, Milkos and Red Skins. They have a good seal on them which is good.
- I also have my Troll and my Camel (Getin') on my desk as well - They keep watch over everything for me as well as reminding me of good times that I have had.
- The book that is open and the paper on my desk is an activity that I did last year around this time and when I found my book I decieded that I wanted to do it again - It is called - 100 ideas - by Keri Smith - you can find her at and click on 100 ideas - the idea is to cut up the squares then pull one out when ever you want and complete what is on the square. I will be posting these when i complete each one.
One more thing for this post - While cleaning up I found some of Jason's old CD's which he use to listen to in the shearing sheds - I know there is a bit of an age gap between us but apart from three of the artists I have never heard of any of them - I am currently playing them and so far they aren't to bad - Not what I was expecting though. Espically for Shearing Shed Music.
Well the sun is out and it has dried the lawn so I am out to do some mowing - five hours in this room I am ready for some fresh air.
Till Next Time
Happy Creating

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