Wednesday, February 4


HI everyone

What a HOT time we are having..... Finally the summer heat has hit us. Don't know about other people but I haven't been doing to much out in the heat. Well trying not to any way - things still need to be attended to.
Well I am back at work - teaching that is. The school term started on Monday for us out here but we started last week as the girls are away this week - they have gone to the beach :-( So I am at work looking after all the animals as it is too hot not to have someone here.

I can't believe we are already in Febuary, where is the year going???????

Well I have some more "STUFF" to share with you all that I have been doing over the last week.

Stuff One:- I loved my felt flowers that I had to make some more.

I haven't added any faces as I don't have my felt pens so will add them when I get home.

Stuff Two:- Valentines day is not to far away so I am starting to make some gifts for my friends and loved ones.

Stuff Three:- I am experimanting with my scrap journal this month and wanted to try something completely different. So I have laminated some pages with glitter and cellophane in them for my journal covers. Love the thickness that they came out - am going to use splits rings to hold it all together.

Stuff Four:- One of my 100 ideas was to write the instructions for a puppet. I made them while I wrote the instructions. They are only 10cm high. Don't know where they will live but the the girls I teach like them so they might become school mascots with Cheeky the School Monkey.

Stuff Five:- I refound my chalk pastels and thought I would have some fun with them. The next two pictures are drawn on canvas which will have another two when I get home which will then be hung in a block on my scrap/spare room wall.

Stuff Six:- Another pastel drawing. I wanted to see a pink tree for some reason so that is what I created.
Stuff Seven:- Just Bright Colours and Happy things.......

This Month the CED topic is WORDS
Here are two things I have created yesterday and the day before.

Well I have lots of things to get done today so I had better be going so as to complete these things. Then the pool will be on the agenda. I went for a swim early this morning while the birds were still singing their morning songs and it was so relaxing.

Till next time

Happy Creating


Leah said...

first off, a happy belated birthday to you!

and rock on with your creative self! you're on fire!!

freebird said...

You sure are having a good time being creative. You try a lot of different things too. Bet your students enjoy you a lot.

Happy Birthday. Twentyfive may be halfway to fifty but it's only one fourth of 100!