Wednesday, January 14

More Fun things

HI Everyone
Well it is HOT here today and I mean HOT. It is also muggy which is making the day seem worse. Hence the fact most of my to do jobs today are based inside.

Have a look at my groovy snow tree. It came in a science pack that I had ordered to do with the girls I look after. You poor the liquid over the cardboard tree and wait.

This is what the tree looked liked after an hour of me pooring the liquid on it.

This was what the tree looked like the next morning. I think it looks like snow. It is sitting on my desk and when ever I look at it I wish it was cold enough for snow because it is so hot at the moment.

I have also been doing some of the 100 ideas by Keri Smith. I have completed eight of them already. I am doing them while watching TV or when I am waiting for other things to finish.

Oops. Sorry I didn't realise it was the wrong way until now.
Also Sorry about the clearness but I was unable to get a clear shot of them. You can see that the items are all based on different things.

Jason's second cousins are up staying with their Nan and Pop and they were doing crafty things yesterday so I joined in on the fun. We created Plaster of Paris things using models that Jason;s Mum had hidden away.
I created the following animals. We then painted them later that day. I love my green frog.
These little guys are lined up along my wall in front of the computer. I like the brown wombats the best.
They also liked my felt flowers that I had made so I helped them make some for themselves. I made another gumnut flower so at "J" (12) says I now have a Mum and a Dad cause the one with the beard can be the Dad and the pink one can be the Mum. Are you going to make baby gumnut flowers? This made me start thinking. I am now trying to design a gumnut flower that is not open fully to be the babies.

I am back to work tomorrow, and won't have access to a computer until the 24th (My Birthday) so will have lots to post about.


Till the 24th



rachel whetzel said...

Happy Birthday!! LOVE that snow tree thing!! Can't wait to see more of your project!

Leah said...

so much fun stuff!! you've been doing such great creative work!!