Wednesday, January 7

Everything happening at once.....

It is the 7th of January and I have hardly done anything on my to do list that I wanted to have completed by the 9th of January. Looks like I will have two very busy days ahead of me.......

Don't you just love technology...... Since rearranging my scrap/spareroom I have not been able to reconnect with the internet - it just kept telling me that there was no signal even when it was in the orginal spot where I did have service - so I rang the lovely people who I get my internet connection through and told them nicely that if they didn't fix my internet connection I would not be a nice person to know - they are sending me a different modem so hopefully when that arrives I will have better connection - instead of it dropping out all the time. How do you ask am I typing this at the moment - well it is raining here and very overcast so I am assuming that the clouds are helping transmit the signal from the tower. Probably not but that is what I am hopeing.

Mainly photos for this post.....
This is the sunset that we watched yesterday - we didn't recieve any rain out of it but it is raining now and it is good soaking rain not heavy.

The puppies are well and truly growing up - Jason gave them a bit of roo meat and boy did they love it. They chewed on it like this for nearly half an hour before it was all gone. - left to right - Oated, Coco and Chowchow.
I said in my last post that I was going to paint and rearrange my scrap/spareroom - Well I did manage to rearrange it but I haven't painted it as when I went to town yesterday they didn't have the colours that I wanted so I have put painting off for a while - it might be a spur of the moment thing one weekend.
I loving the way I have set the room up. It still isn't fully set up and clean but I have started on it today and have completed clearing the table and am going to start on the bed after I have finished on the net. Will show you the end results when it is clean.
My cute green frog that posed for a photo. My mother in law to be dosen't like frogs and this one was sitting in front of her air conditioner. I was asked to remove it from her house yard so brought it over home. He just sat like that on the ground after I put him down. So natural I raced to get the camera. I love big green frogs - they are a sign of mositure is coming out here.
Lucky last photo - at the moment we have a flow going past town and has made te river rise over one metre - Jason went to get the boat out so I went for a swim - this is me trying to swim up stream but the water currant is quite strong so I wasn't going any where. Good body work though.
Well I had better get back to my cleaning up - Jason should be home soon and I still haven't done the breakfast dishers so I had better get a move on.
Till next

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Neek said...

great it is raining out there. Send it my way will you - may just cool things down!! :)