Thursday, December 18

Seven Days Till Christmas

HI Everyone
No Silly Season Journal entires photos for the last 4 days as I have way to many personal photos in the entries and that is all that is in the entries so I am not putting any of them up.

I have been away with the family I work with and the local school for swimming lessons. We spent the last three days in town where they did swimming lessons, art lessons, first aid lessons and then more swimming back at the motel.

However I am including two photo/drawings that I have included.
I LOVE this shot. I am bragging about this shot as I LOVE it so much and am very HAPPY with the way that it has turned out.

It was taken on Mt Oxley where we went and had tea after the swimming lessons. Lots of breath taking views from the top of the mountian.

This is a copy of the pastel painting that I did with the children while they had art lessons with Jenny Greentree (google her name and you can see her work) where they all created this scenery.

Christmas Craft today with the girls - I am also christmas crafting which I am having lots of fun - glue, paper, glitter, tinsel, foam shapes and pipecleaners all over the floor - lots of happy faces.
Will post my craft fun later today.
Happy Christmas

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Neek said...

Emma, that is a fabbo shot! Lovely! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a great 2009.