Sunday, December 14

Saturday 13th December

Am on time with my Silly Season Journal - Was orgainsed yesterday -

You can't see it in the picture due to the plastic but these are called Wishing Stars. What you do is start with a flat piece of paper then you fold it a certain way and you end up with a flat star which you then squish in the right places and it turns 3D. I have lots of them floating around my scrap corner.
These stickers weregiven to me by H's mum. I like the Christmas Nativity Scene - might buy a real set and start a tradition.

Lots of Christmas music today so I thought I would write down all the songs that I like at the moment.

Wrote a letter to myself today. Has all the things that are going on in my mind at the moment saying what I would like to happen next year in my life and in our life as a couple. Have sealed letter and am not going to open unitl next year at the same time. See what has and hasn't happened.

Well that's it for Saturday - one double page left out due to photos.
Happy Christmas Everyone
Only 11 more days to go...........

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Jul said...

Interesting idea with the letter to yourself! I hope you open it to find all your wishes for the year have come true.