Tuesday, December 9

Love Technology

Isn't she gorgeous - the puppies are only two weeks old and all of them now have their eyes open - they are also developing their personalities.
I think my computer hates me....
I tried to post these yesterday and earlier this morning but I have only just got onto the interent, and it keeps freezing on me..... Emma Not Happy.... Hopefully I can post without a problem...fingers crossed
Silly Season Journal Entries
December 3rd - Wednesday - Todays entries contain photos of people who do not wish to be put on this post so not many entries from this day expect my daily comic and my favourite Jelly Beans - Jelly Belly. YUMMY
These are my Tree Inchies - not very clear Sorry.
December 4th Thursday

December 5th - Friday - Last day of school for 2008.
These entries aren't in order as I added more to the entry afterI had taken my first lot of photos. Most of this entry is of things that I have taken off the school room wall that I have collected over the year. I am going back next year to teach but I like to start a fresh...
Snowman is a smaller version of the one that the yougest girl made for her Christmas craft. I thought he was cute so had to make one.

December 6th - Saturday
Photo of J and I testing out our new louge that I bought at the clearing sale for $50. They are in the shed for our entertaining area - I was sick of sitting on plastic chairs.

December 8th - Monday - Very Lazy day today - didn't take any photos, didn't write anything down, only drew the four characters out of Madagascar while I watched it on DVD.

Well I am off to town today for School graduation dinners then presentations. So won't be posting again until Thursday. That is if my computer loves me like it is at the moment.
Happy Creating
ONLY 16 days till CHRISTMAS
Who's been Naughty and Who's been Nice???

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rachel whetzel said...

16 DAYS... can you believe that!?!? I just finished ordering gifts for our kids... sheesh.