Saturday, December 13

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

HI Everyone
Haven't the days flown. It feels like only yesterday that I did my last post. So much has happened in those couple of days.

Tuesday 9th December

Today I went into town with the family I work for and looked after the girls at the pool for most of the morning - I even went for a swim - to hot sitting on the side lines - I got soooo burnt.
Had the eldest girls graduation dinner as well today and it was lots of fun.

Wednesday 10th December
Had the girls presentation day today. I was the run around girl doing all the jobs down the street for H and M (I didn't want to make sandwiches so was quite happy to do the running around)

I got to arrange the schools Christmas Hamper which we raffle. It had lots of goodies in it which families donate. One of those things that you wish you could win.

Not many pages posted for the above two days due to the fact I took lots of photos from the graduation and presentation which I do not wish to post.

Thursday 11th December

Today I went to the local school presentation which was lots of fun - the 7 students who range from year one to year six put on a play which had the whole crowd laughing. (Again only one photo due to not wanting to post other peoples photos.)

Thursday 12th December

Went to town today and did some Christmas shopping - Hence it is starting to feel like Christmas. Lots of Christmas decorations up every where in town and lots of happy faces.
Kept saying to myself all day - It's begining to look a lot like Christmas - I think it is a song but am not sure???

The puppies are starting to drink milk from a dish - well it was their first time today and two of them got the hang of it real quick while the others .... we will have to wait. Two of them were interested in my shoes both getting their heads stuck - very cute.

Well that's it for the last couple of days.

Am in the christmas mood today so am making a few things to decorate the house. Will post pictures when I have finished them.

Happy Christmas Everyone - Only 12 more days to go.....

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