Tuesday, December 30

Last Post for 2008

HI Everyone.
Well I am finally home and am starting to have a major clean up before the New Year. I am leaving it a bit late only 2 days to go but when I am under pressure I get so much more done.
Am detoxing eevry thing - I have started in my scrap room and so far I have a major mess, two bags of rubbish, one bag to take to work so the girls can use the stuff, a pile of things I had forgotten I had and an even larger pile of things that I don't know what I will do with. I was hoping to paint my scrap room/corner before the new year but they didn't have the right paint colour that Jason and I want so will have to wait until the new year.

I am also doing lots of work in the garden - have planted six new fruit trees - two plum, two mango, one almond and one apricot. I also am prepareing the garden to plant more lawn. I am sick of looking at weeds and the buffalo will over grow the weeds. I don't mind mowing lawn but I don't like mowing weeds - it just never seems to look neat and tidy.

Shelley's puppies were five weeks old yesterday and I am surprised at how much they have grown and how active they have become.
Shelley's puppies - one day old
Shelley's puppies - two weeks old Shelley's puppies - five weeks oldThey are always moving so this was the only clear photo I could get - There are three left - Coco, Oates and Chow Chow. We are keeping Coco and Oates and Chow Chow is going to some friends here in town. The one near her back leg is Coco and the one at the front is Chow Chow - Oates is hiding behind Chow Chow.

Quick Happy Snap from Christmas Day - Left to right - Erin - Sis-in-law, Sarah - Middle Sis, Trudy Youngest Sis, James Big bro, Jason - my partner and Me - Having Drinks and laughs before tea.
Remember all those teddy Bears I was knitting - well My Mum finished sewing them up for me. I Love them all. I have ended up with three of them - the rest have been given to good homes. THANK YOU MUM.
Before Christmas H and I were in town for swimming lessons for the girls and we were down the street shopping when we saw these fresh flowers in one of the shops. Due to having a two hour trip home and it being hot we were unable to purchase any of the flowers but the lovely shop owner said that I could take a photo of them. I love fresh flowers - big bright and bold.
She has made me new curtains for our main bedroom - They have brightened the room up - now all I need to do is give it a coat of paint as well - will see how the spare room turns out first.

Last but not least my friend Jul's has tagged me with a question - What are five things you do to help keep you mentally well.
1 - Journalling - I am always writing things down wether it be about my day, things I hear on the news or quotes that I read. I love spending time just sitting and writing what ever comes to mind.
2 - Photography - As Jason says - That camera is part of you. It goes ever where with me.
3 - Reading - I love to read - books, magazines, newspapers, webpages.
4 - Learning New Things - I have a need to learn new things - If I am not studying a course I am looking for new things to try or make.
5 - Walking - I don't do this one enough but I love walking in the early mornings or in the evenings when everything is waking up or going to bed - It is so relaing and helps me clear my mind of everything that has been happening.
I am suppose to tag 5 other people but I am going to do the same as Jul's if you wish to answer the question please do. If you do let me know so I can have a look.
Any way I had better be going more cleaning to do and I can hear the washing machine beeping at me to say that it has finished.
I hope all of your dreams and wishes come true for the new year.

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