Wednesday, September 24

Busy Busy Busy

Hi everyone.
Why is it when it comes to holidays which are suppose to be relaxing and enjoyable they always turn out to be busy??
I am on holidays for the next three weeks. I am not going anywhere (though I have just come back from a relaxing weekend away with J and my family) and I seem to have a list longer then my arm that needs to be done. First thing on the list is detoxicing my scrap booking corner/room. At the moment you can not see the floor or the desk for that matter.
Have lots to write about but need to clean room and find everything. Will try to post things later this afternoon but if I don't, I will still be under a pile of craft items trying to sort them out.
'M' - yes you can have the photo. Will get your email off 'G' and will try to send it today but more likely tomorrow. Did you get any good shots? Also can I have a password to access your blog. Thanks
Happy Wednesday
Enjoy the rest of your day.

1 comment:

Neek said...

ahhh an email is always a good thing to have! LOL is where you will get me.

Now what email will I use to add you to my blog?? Just let me know & I will send you an invite.