Tuesday, September 16

Scrapbooking Projects

I don't have all the projects that I did over the weekend to upload and show you as some have photos of people on them but these few photos and one journal page show what the weekend was like. - DUST LOTS OF DUST
Talk about DUST the majority of Saturday it blew. It was just a very fine mist of dust but you could feel and see it all through the projects we were working on. Being in a wool shed probably didn't help...but that is where we were for the scrapbooking weekend. The above photo is of the dust that was blowing across the sheep yards and then into the shed. YUCK.
Even though the dust was Yuck in the shed it made for some great sunset shots. The following is two pages out of my journal showing the colours in the sunset after the dust had sort of eased off.

These are two cards which I made while at my scrap booking weekend. Thanks "J" for showing us the stamp sets and what we can do with them.

I am not a stamp person but I did enjoy making these two cards - both of which have already been written in and sent onto friends.
At the moment the girls, H (my boss) and I are tye dying. The main reason was to re dye the girls curtains in their room but I couldn't help myself so we all tye dyed some material that H is going to turn into bags for the girls.
Will scan and show the results tomorrow.
Happy Tuesday


Neek said...

Hi Emma! :) Love the dust photo into the shed - puts it all into perspective doesn't it! :) I am sitting here having been busy making DD's birthday invitations for the past few hours - and the wind has been blowing all day - but no dust! thank god. Reminds me of last weekend!! :)

I would love that dust photo if you wouldn't mind emailing it? Can add that to stash from the weekend and perhaps on my blog to show everyone (with your name under it of course!).


Emma said...

Hey Monique
Yeah you can have the dust photo. You will have to send me your email address as I am not on the school computer.
I am just back from a relaxing weekend and have so much stuff to write about.

Check out blog later tonight.