Wednesday, September 10

More ink work

It feels so long since I have been creative in any way. But that will change this weekend as I will be attending a scrap book retreat. Hopefully I will complete lots of creative work and be able to post it next week.

Here are some more ink works that I have been experimenting with.

The first two are washes.
I have tried to recreate the storm clouds that I saw on the horizon when I was traveling home. It didn't turn out how I would have liked but I still like it.

This one I like. I drew circles all over the page and then filled in the areas with different shades of the ink. I think it is really affective.

This last one is a resist with glitter. I had a couple of glitter tubes sitting on the desk and thought I would experiment. It didn't turn out like I thought it would. It is a different affect.

I have been looking through google images looking at different ink techniques and have found that you can use anything with inks.

I really enjoy using pastels with the inks as they are easy to use and add colour where I want it.

Have a great day.

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