Tuesday, September 16


Yesterday The girls H and I did some tie dying. Bright Pink........ I am not normally a pink person but that was the colour of the girls curtains so that is what colour dye we used.

This is the one that I put the rubber bands on. It didn't turn out how I expected.

These are all of the finished projects. I like them all but the spider web effect one the most. Might have to do that to my shirt.

I love how they always turn out different even though you use the same technique.

Hopefully "H" will find some white cotton shirts for the girls while she is away so that we can do some more tie dying. I think I will have to find myself a white shirt as well.

This is how the curtians turned out - the photo is a bit blurred as I took it at night time without the flash on. The darker flowers are the pattern on the curtian and the lighter flowers are the ones shining through from the light.
I like how they turned out. "H" has put them back into the girls room and they look very pink.

Coming soon - I will be putting up small challenges for you to do. They will cover a variety of areas in the artistic world.

You can do them for yourself or leave a comment so I know what you thought of them.

I will be posting my takes of the challenge for you all to see.

If you have any ideas for challenges let me know and I will include them.

Have a great rest of the day.

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